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Main Change:

Added Indonesia Host.

Armor Changes:

Added “Cape X DEF WR” to APS Forge.

Ornament Changes:

- No Changes

Weapon Changes:

APS Path:

Added New “Weapon APS Support Axes” for Blademaster and Barbarian.

Removed class restriction on “Weapon APS Support Fists”.

Increased base damage on “Weapon APS Glaive”. You can craft the new Glaive using your old Glaive at “Reforge Tab” in APS Forge.

Removed “Weapon APS Abomination” (Bow). It became useless and nobody was using it anymore. 

Re-named “Weapon APS Dragonbird” to “Weapon APS Sling”.

Increased base damage on “Weapon APS Daggers” (WR). You can craft the new Daggers using your old Daggers at “Reforge Tab” in APS Forge.

Increased base damage on “Weapon APS Claws” (WB). You can craft the new Claws using your old Claws at “Reforge Tab” in APS Forge.

Removed “Weapon APS DarkThorn” (3.33 Daggers) from APS Forge. Nobody used them. Already crafted 3.33 Daggers wont get removed.

DPH Path:

Added New “Weapon DPH Support Axes” For Warrior and Werebeast.

Re-edited “Weapon DPH Armageddon”, you can craft the new one using your old Armaggedon weapon.

Removed “Seal effect” on “Weapon DPH Crossbow”. 

YOUR DPH CROSSBOWS are turned into MOLDS (DPH Crossbow Mold) use it to re-craft your DPH Crossbow again!

Restricted “Weapon DPH Support Glaive” to Cleric and Mage now. The skin will be visible now. (Fixed)

Increased “Weapon DPH Glaive” damage by 5%. Use your old Glaive to craft the new Glaive.

Re-edited “Weapon DPH Vit Glaive”, use your old VIT Glaive to craft the new VIT Glaive.

CT Path:

Re-Edited “Weapon CT Crossbow”. 

YOUR CT CROSSBOWS are turned into MOLDS (CT Crossbow Mold) use it to re-craft your CT Crossbow again!

Increased damage on “Weapon CT Support EP”. It will have the same damage as the “Support -10% CT EP”. Use your old Weapon to craft the new one.

Other Changes: 

Guard Damage was edited to kill people with 1 hit. Preventing Backstabbing in different areas.

Increased Changes of -6% CT and -3% CT SLIGHTLY on “Frealess Braze” (G17 Arcane Wristles).

Removed Some useless Capes, that nobody used/crafted anymore.

Changed CT Forge, APS Forge, DPH Forge skin.

Removed “Evolved Additional Weapons” Forge from all 3 Paths. Nobody used them/crafted them.

Removed Mobs around ADC West.

Fixed Level 2 Territory War lands.

Updated Guild Icons.

Special Changes:

Added a New Custom event “Underwater PvE/PvP Arena”. It’s an event hosted every weekend, it lasts 10 hours (You can enter the event at “Battle Arena Crystal” in ADC WEST). This event is a mix of PVP and PVE and will require teamwork in order to successfully capture the customized “Underwater Chests” which are placed all over the place. Each chest has a chance to drop Super PVP tokens once digged. Most of the chests will summon a Boss that has an increased chance of dropping “VIP Tome Ticket”, “VIP Orna. TIcket” or a Pack of 8, 9 or 10 Super PVP Tokens. There are around 120 Chests. Enjoy!

Added “PvE/PvP Arena”. The PvE/PvP Arena is a Daily event and will be entered via the “Battle Arena Crystal” in ADC WEST. It’s an Arena filled with Bosses (20 seconds respawn time) that have a 50/50 Chance of dropping 2 Super PVP Tokens. In order to enter the Arena you will have to PAY with 10 Super PVP Tokens. The quest is not trashable and it will trigger a timer of 30 mins. Once the time has ran out you’ll get teleported to ADC West back and you will be able to enter the Arena after 24 hours have passed.

Server Status

  • EXP Rate 1000x
  • Drop Rate 1000x
  • SP Rate 1000x
  • Gold Rate 1000x

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