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1) IF you are NEW to the server go to “Guide
3) -12% Channeling and -9% Channeling G17 Wrists can’t be used by Sage Mages. (Other classes can)
4) - You can have max. 4 Characters online AT THE SAME TIME.
5) - Multi-clienting is from now on ALLOWED in PVP and Territory War 
6) - English on WC only!
7) - 18% Channeling and -15% Channeling is FORBIDDEN on Ornaments and G17 Wrists
8) Don’t forge to visit Discord as well as Facebook Page and don’t miss ANY Updates!


Added Evolved Perfect World Client translated into Portuguese/Brazil to our website: Downloads. (For the Brazil Community)

Added “Path system Gen - X” to all three Paths in Evolved Perfect World (Check out “Evolved Guide (Advanced) on our Forum). The new Gear is based on the blueprint of the previous Path system. You will be able to engrave everything from now on!

Added G19 Armor. (APS/DPH/CT Path Dungeon)

Added G19 Weapons. (APS/DPH/CT Path Dungeon)

Added G19 Ornaments. (APS/DPH/CT Path Dungeon)

Added the NEW Alpha currency “Evolved Fragments” that drops randomly from Bosses/Quests/Invasions. (Can drop from all the mentioned -> More information at Evolved Guide. (Advanced))

Added Super -12% Channeling Ornaments to the “Super ornaments Forge”.

Added the most requested Emoticons by the poll started on Discord. (Tiger/Monkey)

- Engravement and Re-Engravement will from now on, always cost 1x Engravement Token.

Leveling Cap was increased from 170 to 200.

- Leveling Mobs were added to ADC West, near the starting Area. (already created chars require 1-2 Mobs for level 200, new chars require 1 mob for level 200 + Leveling Box)

Added +35 Vitality Stones to Vote Panel and as reward for the new event “Snake race Isle” - more information on our Discord channel under “event-information”.

Added Engravement Token to Lottery NPC.

- The Textures were changed to the classic 1.3.6 look for several reasons. The most important one is due to poor performance for weak PC users in crowded areas etc.

- Donation Forge was removed. (Outdated)

Added NEW forge Evolved Market. (New MAIN Forge, for every rare item we have)

- Evolved Coordinator items (Consumables) were changed back to Evolved PVP and Evolved Coins.

- Custom Battle Pets now require Evolved PVP Tokens and Evolved Coins to be crafted.

- Daily quests now require PVP Tokens and Evolved Coins in order to be started!

- Daily quests will now be an essential part of Gen - X Path system. (Check out “Evolved Guide(Advanced) for more information)

- Quests from Evolved Coordinator were transferred to Daily quest Boards.

- Color font of PVP Tokens, PVP Token Chests, and PVP Quests was changed to light blue.

- Nude patch was removed. (Sorry about that in the first place)

Multi-clienting PVP is from now on ALLOWED. After a long discussion we’ve decided that restricting multi-clienting in PVP makes no sense, as it’s not requiring secret programs to be started, nor is it a prestige of a few people. EVERYONE can open multi-clients and PVP using more than 1 account. Let’s stop pretending like Multiclient PVPing is something that’s easily done, and at the same time nullify all the drama and useless punishment done for something so harmless. 4 Max chars online REMAINS!

- Identify option was added to all Gen - X forges. (APS/CT/DPH)

- Changed the Boss Titan: Destroyer from 24 hours CD to 12 hours CD.

- Changed the Cooldown of all Town Bosses. (The bosses required to finish Daily quest Challenge No.9, that rewards you with Engravement Token after completing) from 12 hours to 1 hour!

- All Bosses are now level 250.

- Engravement token Description is now changed to inform everyone that it’s no longer only Ornament restricted but for all other items/gear parts.

Added NEW event “Arena Chest Event” Check out Discord for more information (event-information) - Teleport from Etherblade Arena Manager.

Added NEW event “Snake Race Isle” Check out Discord for more information (event-information) - Teleport from Illusion Stone in Archosaur West.

- Custom Donations were changed. You won’t have to send any emails to us anymore! This is how it works now: “Donation Token” was added to the Vote panel, which is worth 20 Euro. The Donation Token can be traded, allowing you to donate for your friends or sell the item for other currencies. For more information on how to donate for the Custom Donations check out our forum under “Donation List! (Updated)”

- Exchange from EC and PVP to Super PVP was removed.

- Important: Invasion mobs will from now ONLY drop Event Tickets or nothing. (Snowmen event type)

- All Paths were re-named to “APS Path (Solo), CT Path (Solo), DPH Path (Solo) and the Valley of Disaster was re-named to “APS/CT/DPH Paths (Squad). Everything should be now obvious and clear.

- PVP tokens and Evolved Coins will from now on be dropped ONLY in the Three Paths or the Squad Mode Path!

- Cube Room 14 and 34 (Waiting rooms) were fixed. The NPC required to complete the quest is now added to these rooms. All other bugs that were reported regarding Cube were false, people didn’t wait 24 hours in order to repeat the run and ended up not receiving rewards or quest rewards.

- Flight Noctural Malefic was fixed, will be visible now.

- TW Fashion was un-bound. You’ll be able to trade your Guild Fashion to your members.

- TW Boss was removed. TW Fragments will now drop from all Territory War Towers made by your opponent. Have fun! ( Note: the chance to drop TW Fragments is high, but not 100%)

Added New Crate-system to our Discord channel. “Crate-system-nostalgia.

Added New Evolved Guide. (Advanced)

Added New Donation List. (Updated)

Weapon APS Claws (WB) were turned into a mold. Use your mold to re-craft the new Claws.

Weapon APS Pataka was turned into a mold. Use your mold to re-craft the new Pataka.

Weapon APS Glaive was turned into a mold. Use your mold to re-craft the new Glaive.

- All Flights available from Bosses, Donation Forge etc are all removed now.

Added Flight Lottery. This Lottery contains, just like the Mount Lottery, all Flights that we have available on our server. All Human and Untamed Flights are for ALL Classes (Always 15m/s). 10 Euro coins per try. (For Flights and Mounts)

- Changed the position of Itemmal NPC and Lottery NPC in all main Cities.

- Updated Guild Icons.

Server Status

  • EXP Rate 1000x
  • Drop Rate 1000x
  • SP Rate 1000x
  • Gold Rate 1000x

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