1. I am a New player, how to start?

A:    Start doing the Main Quests, Cultivation Quests, Daily Quests, Dungeon runs (Party/Squad), and most importantly, Vote from our website to get the necessary items from the Event Boutique.

2. I don't see my character when I want to claim the Vote Coins.

A:    Characters take aprox. 30 minutes to syncronize and apear on your user panel.

3. Do I get free gear (Supply Stash) ?

A:    Yes, you will get free Supply Stash Armor sets and weapons when you reach certain levels.

4. How to I earn Event Gold ?

A:    Event Gold is earned by doing various Daily Quests, or by staying Online for a certain amount of time, by Voting on the website or by participating on GM Events.

5. How long does it take to reach max level?

A:   Depends on the time you play, but it certainly won't take months or years as in PWI, all rates on this server are 2x.

6. Is gearing hard ?

A:   Players won't receive end game gears upon creating their character. Eveeryone would have to farm for it, but again, it wont be as hard as PWI and most importantly, it's NOT Pay to Win.

7. What type of server is it ?

A:   It is a 1.4.6 Retail/Origianl Perfect World International server based on a 1.5.5 Client for the mechanics and features it has.

8. Is it a PvE / PvP server ?

A:   It is similar to Perfect World International, which means players can switch between PK mode and Safe mode.

9. Is it a Pay to Win server ?

A:   No it is not. You can farm all necessary materials like everyone else. But you can support our server via donations, which for a small amount of money you can gear faster.

10. How to get Rank 8/9 materials ?

A:   Farming them as you would do on any retail server, this is not a fully customized server.

11. How to get Dragon Orbs ?

A:   You can get Dragon Orbs from various quests, and chests such as Dragon Orb Packs from Primal Daily Quests.

12. The "x" item is too costly, the "y" item change is necessart, can it be fixed/modified ?

A:   You can post any suggestion you think could bring balance to the server on our forum at https://forum.evolvedpw.com


Server Status

  • NO Avatar Cards
  • NO Starchart items
  • NO G17 Weapons
  • NO Nuema Portals
  • NO Homestead Skills. (Ultimate skills)

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