I am a New player. How to start?

# Start doing the Main Quests , Cultivation Quests, Daily Quests , Dungeon runs (Party). And most Importantly Vote to get necessary items from Event boutique.

I dont see my character when I want to claim Vote Coins. How to Claim the Event Gold

# Characters need couple of hours to get Updated. So wait a while.

Do I get free gears(Supply Stash)

# Yes you will get free Supply Stash Armor sets and weapons when you reach certain level.

How do I get Event Golds

# You can earn Event Golds by Staying Online, Voting, some Daily Quests,GM Events. All other methods are listed in this guide: Event Gold Farming
How long does it take to reach max level

# Depends on the time you play, but It certainly won't take months. The rate will be 2x.

Is gearing up hard

# Players won't receive end game gears upon creating character. They will have to farm for it but most importantly it is NOT Pay to win.

What type of server is it?

# It is a 1.5.5 Retail Type Perfect World International Server

Is it a PVE or PVP server?

# It is similar to Perfect World International server, which means players can switch between PK mode and Non-PK mode.

Is it Pay to Win Server?

# No, you can farm everything in game. You can even farm Gold as well.

How to Get Rank 8 Materials

# From boutique , Quick Sand Maze , Faction Base etc.

How to get Rank 9 Materials?

# From boutique , Warsong City, Lunar etc.

Dragon Orbs are so Costly.How to get Dragon Orb ?

# You can get Dragon Orb Packs from Primal Daily Quests and Heavenfall Temple, also other Quests that used to reward Starchart items or Avatar Cards will reward Refine orbs
The X item is too costly, the Y item change is necessary . can you fix it?

# You can Post a Suggestion in #suggestions Channel

Is This Server Active?

# You can check the numbers of players online ingame on https://evolvedpw.com/

-IMPORTANT LINKS- 1. Evolved Website 2. Private Database