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About the Server

Evolved Perfect World International

About us:

Our server is the direct and only alternative to the official Game. We have spent a whole year on perfecting all mistakes done by the official development, and managed to successfully combine the retail gameplay with fairly obtainable items. The pay to win factor was completely removed and turned into PLAY to WIN based on farmable valueable items. The game is completely FREE from registration over to the Endgame items. The entire concept is based around enabling a fully accessible environment, that will require your full comittment.

You will surely feel the enjoyable learning curve and rewarding progression, that is doubled in speed compared to the official game!


Set up: 

1.5.7 version | International 


Global Server specifications:


2x Drops

2x Experience

2x Spirit

2x Coins

2x Quest EXP

2x Quest Spirit



12 (Blademaster, Mage, Archer, Cleric, Venomancer, Barbarian, Assassin, Psychic, Seeker, Mystic, Duskblade, Stormbringer)



6 (Human, Elf, Untamed, Tideborn, Earthguard, Nightshade)


Final Items:

Rank 9 fourth Cast (R9R4) and Rank 8 second Cast (R8RR)




- Imbalanced and Pay to Win items were either removed completely or made accessible by grinding/farming!


Heavenfall Temple, Homestead, Primal World, Flowsilver Palace and many iconic Dungeons will aside of their original rewards, also reward Items such as Refine Orbs, all necessary Reputation Items and all other items, that are on the official game only available by investing real money.




- Pay to Win factor

- Starchart and all items based on it

- Avatar cards and all items based on it

- G17 Weapons

Note: All farming patterns of all removed items were kept intact, but were swapped for actually useful and extremely fairly distributed rewards (Refine Orbs, Health Charms, Actual Event Gold...)


Launch Date:

11.07.2020 (July)


More information regards Customisations or Changes can be found on our private database: Evolved Database

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