How to Farm?

PATCH v2-3

- Evolved Armor/Ornaments Forge added (now you can craft the new endgame armor!)
- Evolved Weapon Forge added (now you can craft your new endgame weapons!)
- Added Super Cage , Super Inventory and Safe Slot Stone. (Use it at the Inventory Master NPC, instantly opens all slots in Bank, Inventory and Pet Cages.)
- FB39 “Gate of Delirium” opened, This is the FB where you farm your Armor at! (Check “Farming guide” on forum!)
- FB29 “Secret Passage” and “Hall of Deception”, These are FBs where you farm your Weapons at! (Check “Farming guide” on forum!)
- R8 Bow “Demonhunter Bow” is changed back to retail stats. (You’ll have to recraft it @ “Ti Chien”)
- Removed “Warsoul Weapon Forge” = Your crafted weapons are removed and will appear as “?” icons.
- Removed restrictions on “G15 Forge” ornaments
- Removed class restrictions on “Twilight Armor Forge”
- Enabled dropping items on World map
- Flying enabled in “Gate of Delirium” and “Secret Passage/Hall of Deception” (WF can level pets, and use their pets now, while farming.)


You can check the Guides for more information.

Server Status

  • EXP Rate 1000x
  • Drop Rate 1000x
  • SP Rate 1000x
  • Gold Rate 1000x

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