Update Version 40 - Christmas special

Evolved PWI: Christmas Special

Christmas Speciaon Evolved PWI

Hello Evolved Community, it's Christmas!

Where could you celebrate the upcoming holidays better than on everyones 2nd home - Evolved PWI?

Exactly, nowhere!

Enjoy the Event and merry Christmas from the Evolved Staff

The Evolved Christmas Speciais quite unique and will surpass your expectations!



How to participate

The Event has 4 different rewarding mechanics, that will offer you methods to farm various Christmas Rewards:

  1. Christmas Event Bosses
  2. Time based Quests
  3. The 3 (World) Bosses 
  4. Invasions


Event Dungeon: Christmas Section

You can take the Quest: Christmas Event Bosses from Santa.

You will enter the Colosseum via Santa (525 662) at Archosaur West. You will find yourself in our Event Dungeon, section: Christmas special. 

You will need a Squad of at least 2 players in order to access the Colosseum. The leader will teleport his party into the Section.

Type: Daily

Rewards: Christmas Gift - GreenChristmas Gift - PurpleChristmas Gift - Gold

Kill the Three Bosses

This is another Daily Quest you can take from Santa in Archosaur West. This Quest is different from the others because depending on your Level you will face either easier or harder Bosses.

Level ranges:

  • LV. 30~50, will require killing: Qingzi, Hercule Trioc, The Myriadtail Wyvern
  • LV. 51~90, will require killing: Undying Hornshell, Brigand Transient and Phlebo
  • Lv. 91~105, will require killing: Cerberean Sentinel, Alphaleus and Mystery of Antiquity

The World Bosses have a modified Cooldown time during Christmas special of: 5 Minutes with disabled Drops.

Dungeon Bosses (Lower level Quests) are still in their default state

Type: Daily

Rewards: Christmas Gift - GreenChristmas Gift - PurpleChristmas Gift - Gold


Time Based Quests

You can take the Timed Quests to kill Snowman from Invasions: 

  • Kill 150 Snowmen
  • Kill 120 Snowmen
  • Kill 100 Snowmen

From the Santa NPC in Archosaur West. As the name suggests, you will have a certain period of time in order to finish killing the given amount of Mobs, if your time runs out before accomplishing the goal - Your quest fails. 

Type: Repeatable

Reward: Christmas Gift - Gold

Snowman Invasions

We have scheduled 3 Invasions, that will be held in the following cities:

    • Archosaur City (All areas)
    • Etherblade City
    • City of Lost
    • City of Plume
    • Tellus City
    • City of Raging Tides
    • Dreamweaver Port

You will need to kill the Snowmen Mobs (NEED FOR TIMED QUESTS) spawning in all these cities.

The Invasions will take place at the following automated Times: 2:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 18:00 PM (Server time). 

The Invasions will last for: 20 Minutes

Type: Scheduled

Rewards: SnowflakesCandy CraneOrnamentStarAngel




(How to exchange goods)

You will find Santa in ADC west (525 662), where you can exchange all your Snowflakes, Candy Cranes, Ornaments etc for various Christmas Special exclusive goods including:


Christmas Gimmik

To make the Invasion equally fair to all classes, we have decided to add a little feature to it, which we hope that you all will enjoy!

You may access at the Reindeer NPC, the following Christmas Weapons:

  •  Snowball Launcher +  Snowballs  (All other classes)
  •  Snowball Fists  (Archer | Duksblade | Assassin)

With these Weapons everyone, regardless of Level or class should have a fairly equal participation in all the Invasions. 


Other Changes

  • Glyph Lv.2 can be short upgraded to Lv.3 now in chunks
  • Glyph Lv.2 can be short upgraded to Lv.4 now in chunks
  • Glyph Lv.3 can be short upgraded to LV.4 now in chunks
    • All the new upgrade methods have Coin fees. (25.000/37.500/50.000) The LV.1 Glyph > LV.2/3/4 remains with no Coin Fee
  • Veteran Roberts has the Yin Yang Twinstone to Potions ratio changed to 1:3
  • Skipping Quests (dialogue) can be now done with any keyboard key
  • Fashion Skeleton was added in order to enable the more up to date fashion pieces, that were added. For more information check out the Cubi shop
  • Added 34 NEW Male Fashion and 34 NEW Female Fashion Sets to Cubi shop > Tab "Hot" (Exclusive): Based on the new Fashion Skeleton upgrade
  • Added 48 NEW Smiley/Emoticons to Cubi and Event Shop: for a preview: CLICK HERE
  • Materials Stack was increased on the following items:
    • Rough Lumber
    • High-Carbon Steel
    • Gravel
    • Coal
    • High-Grade Lumber
    • Steel Alloy
    • Corundum Powder
    • Charcoal
    • Lumber Essence
    • High-Alloy Steel
    • Granite
    • Extruded Charcoal
    • Fine Lumber
    • Refined Steel
    • Rubstone Powder
    • Anthracite
  • Increased stack for: Page of Fate and Old Book Page
  • Added to the Faction Interface a tab, that will display the Last Login of each member
  • Decorated Archosaur and the main cities in a Christmas theme
  • Added Snow to the game, and snowy terrain
  • The weird TW time, even if happening rarely, that had a TW slot at 12:00 PM was changed to the other times, that our community is used to

Manual Patch: Link