Event Start - Territory War Season 6

Territory War Season 6


Territory Wars Season 5 has officially ended. Here are the top 3 guilds, that have won the first 3 prizes:

  • 1st. Vendetta - 1250 Cubi Reward
  • 2nd. ThaClick - 500 Cubi Reward
  • 3rd. Regicide - 400 Cubi Reward

The other participating/land holding Guilds also won their cubi depending on the land level and land amount held till the Season ending on the 7th of January 2024. 

All prizes will be sent to the Guild leaders, their duty is to distribute the reward to their members. Congratulations to all participants and congratulations to the winning Guild!


New Season: 6


The new Season has officially started now, and this patch will include the reset of the Territory War map. All rewards per controlled land can be previewed when entering the Territory War menu. (Press M > Territories). 

The Evolved Staff wishes good luck to all Guilds participating, as well as newly created or joined Guilds!