Update Version 48-49

Update Version 48-49



The following adjustments were done within this Hotfix:

  • Fixed the unintended re-coloring of the hair. You will have your haircolors back to normal
  • Fixed DB movement, causing it to run at the spot
  • Fixed various skill animations
  • Fixed most of the reported Client crashes (Make sure to keep on reporting your individual crashes
  • Fixed reported Fashion and Auras that were reported not to work anymore


Other changes:

  • Added 33 NEW Dota 2 inspired Masks (Hairstyles) in Cubi shop > Fashion > Hot Tab
  • Added Class restrictions at Vyn Ren in order to prevent players mistakenly crafting Books for other classes


Rule change:

  • The TW rule, hindering people with positions to join other guilds (with their alts) is officially removed. Everyone should feel free to use their alts at full potential. However, the rule regulating the creation of Alt-Guilds by creating a guild formed of only alts from players is still intact.