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Armor Changes:

- No changes

Weapon Changes:

- No changes

Ornament Changes:

- Changed Font Color of G18 Fixed ornaments (Purple - Magic, Red - Physical)

New Events:

- Added “Thousand Streams Invasion” starting (Daily) 7 AM - 15 PM - 23 PM (Server time), mobs will drop “PVP Tokens

ADC West Invasion starting (Daily) at 5 AM - 13 PM - 20 PM (Server Time), mobs will drop “Evolved Coins”.

- Added “Chest Event”, will be hosted just like “Snowman Event” by GMs over the day. Every chest requires 15 seconds to be digged and every chest has a 50/50 chance give you 1 Event Ticket. The Event is located at Etherblade and will last for 15 minutes whenever hosted (ATTENTION: It’s a PVP ZONE)

- Added Challenge No.9Challenge No.9 to “Evolved Board (PVP)” and “Evolved Board (Evolved Coins)”, that will requires 3x Euro Coins (Donation/Vote item) and will RANDOMLY give you 1 out of 60 NEW Unique/Custom flights (20 for each class, including 4 Nimbus, RedBlackGreen and Marine). (Daily Quest)

- Added Challenge No.10Challenge No.10 to “Evolved Board (PVP)” and “Evolved Board (Evolved Coins)”. It’s our version of “Bounty Hunter” that will require slaying 7 NEW Town Bosses (Location explained in the quest description). You will get rewarded, after finishing the quest, with 50 Event Tickets. (Daily quest)

Other changes:

Snowmen have been reduced by 50%, and should be a lot easier to kill from now

- Removed “Immune to damage” from Chi stakes, they are now as they were previously and will respawn whenever getting destroyed. (Change done by request)

- Our Game Guide has been updated!

- “VIP Tome Werebeast” has been fixed, the description said it gives +20 Magic, which the Tome doesn’t give.

- Added New Forge (Next to the other forges in ADC WEST) named “Evolved Full Stats”, which contains G18 Ornaments with FIXED 3x30 Magic3x30 VIT3x3% Critical3x10% Evasion3x50% Accuracy3x25 DEX3x25 STR. The new ornaments will require 175 “Super PVP Tokens”, which are dropped by our 7 New TOWN BOSSES (All party members will get rewarded!)

- Added 7 Town Bosses (Dropping “Super PVP Tokens”, needed for new G18 Ornaments located at:

Blue Tail Dragon at (323 845)

- Clockwork Giant at (560 885

Ogre Rider at (464 331)

Demon's Hand at (131 750)

Alpha Dragon at (207 321)

Sky Serpent Rider at (644 570)

Dancing Dragon at (613 725)

- Added “Donation Chest” to Vote panel, which will contain ALL mats required to craft a FULL armor set, 2 weapons, and 1 FULL Ornament set. It contains as well “VIP Tome Ticket”.

- Added “Evolved Coins” to Vote panel.

Server Status

  • EXP Rate 1000x
  • Drop Rate 1000x
  • SP Rate 1000x
  • Gold Rate 1000x

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