Update Version 59 - Territory War Season 7

Update Version 59 - Territory War Season 7

Territory Wars Season 6 has officially ended. Here are the top 3 guilds, that have won the first 3 prizes:

  • 1st. Undead - 1375 Cubi Reward
  • 2nd. Vendetta - 775 Cubi Reward
  • 3rd. ThaClick- 325 Cubi Reward

The other participating/land holding Guilds also won their cubi depending on the land level and land amount held till the Season ending on the 1st of July 2024. 

All prizes will be sent to the Guild leaders, their duty is to distribute the reward to their members. Congratulations to all participants and congratulations to the winning Guild!


New Season: 7


The new Season has officially started now, and this patch will include the reset of the Territory War map. All rewards per controlled land can be previewed when entering the Territory War menu. (Press M > Territories). 

The Evolved Staff wishes good luck to all Guilds participating, as well as newly created or joined Guilds!


Other changes:

  • Updated Guild Icons
  • Added requested Guild Banners
  • Added Requested Custom Titles (Cosmetic item)
  • Fixed Constellation Skills disappearing when teleporting to other instances as well as other issues that popped up with the new custom created skills
  • Newly added Cosmetic (Fashion) was made trade-able
  • Made items, that couldn't be removed now sellable (MM/UDC etc)
  • Changed the color of Legend Quests to a brighter red (Quality of Life) in order to make them more visible
  • Territory War map was reseted. Season 7 has started. Further information above.
  • Added a Quest to Event Elder in order to exchange 1 Event Token for 1 Event Gold (For those that can't get rid of the item)
  • Fixed various reported Client crashes. We appreciate your reporting, as it helps us progress further until we reach perfection
  • Increased Glyph Packs stack from 999 to 99999
  • Dragon's Cove changes:
    • Magic Classes were buffed up in damage score calculation
    • Psychic was buffed in damage score calculation (separately)


Soul Harvest Event:

Soul Harvest: Event


The Soul Harvest event introduces the Legendary: Bloody Weapons which can only be obtained by participating in the Soul Hunt. There are also other goods, that might be of a big use for you, so make sure to check out the Soul Harvester NPC at ADC West. 


How to participate?

  • You enter via the Soul Harvest NPC at West 
  • You can obtain Quests from the Soul Harvest NPC which are linked to the Invasions.
    • You will need to kill a certain amount of Mobs within a specific Time window


The invasions will happen in all main cities. And will appear by the following schedule:

  • 2:00 AM - 10:00 AM - 18:00 PM

The Boss (Dungeon)

  • The Boss in the Dungeon will also drop rare items used in order to craft the new Soul Harvest Goods


Bloody Weapon Fashion

Soul Harvest Flights

Soul Harvest Battle Pets