How to Farm?

PATCH v15-v18

Added "DPH Sage Axes" only for Sage Blademaster. You'll have to accept the quest at "Evolved Weapon Forge" in order to get it (Same process for "Nuke Glaive")

Added -10% channelling speed to DPH Axes (Evolved Weapons Forge)

Added 16% critcal Hit Rate to "Nuke Glaive" Only available for Sage Wizard and Demon Cleric. You'll have to accept the quest at "Evolved Weapon Forge" in order to get it. 

Note: If you have the Nuke already, use it to recraft the new one.

Also, you can follow NUKE Glaive and DPH Axes Guide

Added Sling with "Darken" effect (Seal/Paralyze) back to the forge. Your old Sling turned into a "Sling token" recraft it to the new Seal sling! (Tab "Recraft")

Added Safe Zone to MisfortuneVillage of Naught and Orchid Temple

Increased magical and physical defense on the Venomancer Pets: "Baby Hercules" "Blazing Phoenix Pet" and all the New Battle Pets.

Increased Pataka Tier 4 damage, it was way too low for a Pataka weapon. In order to get it use your old Pataka and recraft it at "Evolved Weapons Forge", Tab "Reforge"

Decreased damage on Tier 1 Beamhoof Slicer (Mage weapon), for more balance. Your already crafted weapon turned into a "Beamhoof Slicer Token" use it to recraft the new one!

Bonds of Anata (Human Sword flight) is now available for every class! You can get it via "Lottery NPC". Good luck!

Removed Sling with Sacrificial Strike effect (Zerk Sling), your already crafted sling turned into a "Sling Token", use it to recraft the new sling!

Updated Guild icons

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