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Main Change:

Added NEW Brazilian (BR) Host.

Armor changes:

Added “G17 Random stats Armor” to all 3 Paths, can be combined with all different builds. Main purpose, to give Heavy and Supporter (Instant) classes more relevance (WF,WIZ,EP). Will always be 4 Sockets and all elements (FireWaterEarthWoodMetal). 

Click HERE! (Gear Stats - G17 Armor Random Stats): the stats they can possibly drop.

Added New Cape X DPH DEF Cape. (WR, WB, WF, WIZ, EP Restricted) EA CAN’T use it.

Added New Cape X APS DEF EA Cape. (EA Restricted)

Added New Cape X APS DEF WB Cape. (WB Restricted)

Added New Cape X APS DEF Cape. (Wiz,WF, EP Restricted) WR and WB CAN‘T use it.

Weapon Changes:

Added New “Weapon APS Super Bow”. (Archer Restricted)

Added New “Weapon APS Axes”.

Added New “Weapon APS Pole Axe”. (Barb Restricted)

Added New “Weapon APS Spear”.

Added New “Weapon DPH Claws”. (WR/WB restricted)

Ornament Changes:

No changes

Other Changes:

- Snowman HP has been reduced by half

- Custom Bolts at “Evolved Coordinator” NPC will require 50 Evolved Coins now and will give 1000 Bolts per crafting

Added new Arrows at “Evolved Coordinator”, they can only be used with the new “Weapon APS Bow” (Archer Restricted)

- The 7 New World Bosses, dropping Super PVP Token, will now drop 5 per kill instead of 1.

Changed name of “Weapons Tier 5” to “Additional Weapons”

Daily “Event Tickets Quest” at “Evolved Coordinator” has been fixed, and will reward you with 5 Event Tickets for staying online for 5 hours.

Server Status

  • EXP Rate 1000x
  • Drop Rate 1000x
  • SP Rate 1000x
  • Gold Rate 1000x

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