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Added Tier 5 Armor and Tier 5 Ornaments to "Evolved Armor/Ornaments Forge

(Check out Tier 5 Gear Guide and Tier 5 Armor/Ornaments Stats and Skins)

Added PVP Cape to "Evolved Tournament"

Added the quest "+25 Vitality Stones" To our "Evolved Daily Quests" NPC, in order to get +25 Vitality Stones

(Check out "Tier 5 Gear Guide")

Added "Custom Tomes" to "Evolved Tournament" NPC. 

(Check out ''Tier 5 Gear Guide" for Tome stats.

Added 10 new World Bosses that drop "Armor mold" or "Ornament mold

(Check out ''Tier 5 Gear Guide'')

Added 5 new types of mobs on the main map in order to farm Tomes and Vitality Stones. 

(Check out ''Tier 5 Gear Guide'')

Added 50x PVP Tokens to Lottery NPC

Added "Black Smith" to "Blue Print" and "Blue Print" to "Black Smith" to "Exchange Evolved Materials" NPC

Added Fairie Power Necklace (Protection Necklace, -6% Channelling Time, +250 Mana) To "Evolved Tournament" NPC

All Fashion related NPCs can be found at ADC WEST at "530, 664", we moved them.

Changed "Hellraiser" and "Voidrider's Torch" (Spears) basic APS from 0.67 to 1.00. Changed "HellRaisers" effect to "Revenge". 

Note: Please recraft your old Spears = Tab "Recraft"

G15 Elemental Ornaments have now a chance to give -6% Channelling time and -3% Channelling time (-6%,-6%) for instant cast with better defense

Increased Event Tickets from 2 to 5 obtainable with our Quest "Event Tickets" at "Evolved Daily Quest" NPC

Moved "G15 Forge: Ornaments (Instant Cast) To Secret PassageGate of Delirium

Moved starter NPCs: Elder of ArchosaurDark BooksHoly BooksR8 NPcs, and Dark/Sage Trainers to ADC west to make it easier for newcomers!

Removed Restrictions on "Deity Armor" at "Lunar Armor:Forge". Good luck getting the stats you need!

Reduced Channarog HP and defense and increased it's drop from 30 PVP tokens to 50 PVP tokens

Stacking of Herbs got increased to 9999, crafting speed of Pills/Pots has been increased

- Drops in "Gate of Delirium" and "Secret Passage/Hall of Deception" got doubled! From 2 chests per mob to 4 chests per mob

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  • Drop Rate 1000x
  • SP Rate 1000x
  • Gold Rate 1000x

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