Update Version 17

Patch Notes V17 - Hotifx


Just a little correction regards the Christmas patch. The following changes were applied, as well as bugs fixed:


  • Fixed all Trials in Faction base, you may now complete the Trials without any issues
  • Fixed the King's Weapon Quest for R8 Weapons, every Blademaster may now receive their 4 Weapons at once (Daily)
  • Fixed the description on Cupboard Card. It will now display the proper text
  • Added Celestones (Culti based items) to Event Boutique for3 Event Gold per x10 Stack
  • Fixed other minor bugs regards the Christmas Patch
  • Updated Guild icons
  • Fixed Harpy Wraith Quest to reward all Squad members

Server Status

  • EXP 2x
  • Drop 2x
  • SP 2x
  • Gold 2x
  • Quest EXP 2x
  • Quest SP 2x
  • Quest Gold 2x

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