How to Farm?


Added -12% Channelling, +10 Magic Ornaments to VOTE PANEL

Added -12% Channelling, +10 Dexterity Ornaments to VOTE PANEL

- Added White Tea (Pills) to VOTE PANEL

Added Tier 5 Armor Packs (Heavy/Arcane/Light) to VOTE PANEL

Added 500x PVP Token pack to VOTE PANEL

Added +50%, +40% Accuracy To DPH (Werebeast) DPH Axes (Chaotic Brothers). You'll have to RECRAFT THEM = Tab "Reforge".

- Added x25 Vitality Stones to "Lottery NPC" (Good luck)

- All Spears are back to 1.00 APS instead of the old 0.62 APS ("HellRaiser Tier 4 Spear, must be recrafted)

- Sirry Safe Zone has been minimized to the TELEPORT/RESPWN area, in order to prevent just jumping out of SZ and taking 1 player down, then leaping back to Safe Zone.

Fairie Power Necklace has been edited, it gives now: -6% Channelling, -6% Channelling, +250 Mana, and the PVP Token amount required to craft it got increased as well.

Removed the PVP Tokens required for Tier 4 Armors in order to make it easier for newcomers to start on our server!

Removed Lionrex Necklace (In order to remove finally the bugged Lionrex Necklaces that were created by mistake). RECRAFT THEM (They are free)

Tier 4 Belt has been edited, it gives now -6% Channelling instead of -3% Channelling. RECRAFT IT using your old Tier 4 belt (Physical) at the "Reforge" tab.

Server Status

  • EXP Rate 1000x
  • Drop Rate 1000x
  • SP Rate 1000x
  • Gold Rate 1000x

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