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1) - IF you are NEW to the server go to Our Guide.


3) -12% Channeling and -9% Channeling G17 Wrists can’t be used by Sage Mages. (Other classes can)

4) - You can have max. 4 Characters online AT THE SAME TIME!

5) - English on WC only!

6) - 18% Channeling and -15% Channeling is FORBIDDEN on Ornaments and G17 Wrists.

7) - Don’t forge to visit our Discord Channel as well as Facebook Page and don’t miss ANY Updates!

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Armor Changes:

- Added “Cape X Heavy MG/EP” to CT Forge. (It’s quest restricted to Dark Mage and Dark EP) 

In order to get it, craft first “Cape X MG*EP” and then use the Quest shown on the Forge in order to get “Mold: Cape X Heavy MG*EP” **

Weapon Changes:

- Removed “Wheel of Warfog” (OLD Tier 5 Axes, not available anymore) from Game.

- Removed “Mountain Rock Hammer” (OLD Tier 5 Hammers, not available anymore) from Game.

- APS CHI Fists are now restricted to EA only**

- CHI Fists are now restricted to all classes, not for WR**

- Removed +4 Range from “Weapon APS Axes”. Already crafted Axes were turned into “Weapon APS Axes MOLD” use it to re-craft your Axes. (Free)**

- Weapon CT Crossbow was buffed by 5% Damage, use your old weapon to craft the new one**.

Ornaments Changes:

Added new Engraving System. (Added for the FIRST time on a 1.3.6 Server)

Explanation: You can now engrave your “Super Ornaments” by joining the new “Gladiator Colosseum” and killing the 5 Bosses that will eventually drop “Engravement Token” (The chance to drop a token is 5%). This Dungeon is FULL PVP, with a Safezone at the entrance (once left, you can’t return - Evolved Style). If you want to engrave your Ornaments you’ll have to fight your way to the Engravement Token! (Already Engraved Ornaments, can be infinitely times Re-Engraved using “Engravement Token”) (Enter at “Battle Arena Crystal” in ADC WEST)**.

Others Changes:

- Fixed the Sling Skin from Crates (It will be now on the correct position)**

- Added a way to Exchange “PVP Chest” and “EC Chest” to PVP tokens and Evolved Coins at the “Evolved Coordinator” NPC (No need to manually open the chests anymore)**

- Almost all Items from “Evolved Coordinator” will from NOW on require “Super PVP Tokens” in order to be crafted instead of “PVP tokens” and “Evolved Coins” (We are talking about consumable items, the idea behind it was to give the items more value)**

- Added PVP Token + Evolved Coins => Super PVP Tokens Exchange (Giving PVP Tokens and ECs value as well!)**

Added TWO NEW Events:

“Santa is coming to Town”, Explanation: A GM will pick a random PVP or PVE spot where “Santa” (Boss) will get spawned. This Boss will drop (100%) 4 Euro Coins!

“Chest Hunt Event”. Explanation: A GM will spawn 15 Chest ALL over the Main map (RANDOMLY) And announce the Event. (NO Hints will be given) The Chest are treated as Mobs, so please kill them if you want to get rewarded. Each Chest Drops 1 Euro Coin!**

- The Crate-System on Dicord was UPDATED. New unique Skins were added! (Old Skins MIGHT return for special occasions). Congrats to everyone that had luck and could get a “Re-skin Ticket”

- Updated Guild Icons

Special Changes: 

Thanks to ALL our supporters that have supported the server by donating and keeping it online and healthy. We want to give you something back in reward for the awesome support! Everyone that has donated since the “Path System” was introduced (Even if it was only once) you will be rewarded FOR FREE with a “I support Evolved PW” Custom T- Shirt. If you want such a T-Shirt, PM ★GM_Raven and you’ll be rewarded! Happy Holidays and a happy New Year! ~ Evolved Staff★GM_Raven

Server Status

  • EXP Rate 1000x
  • Drop Rate 1000x
  • SP Rate 1000x
  • Gold Rate 1000x

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