How to Farm?

Patch v38


Video: Guide

The files: Click here!


- Added new quest based Capes to "Evolved Tournament Forge" (Dark WB, Dark EA, Sage WB)


- Added Custom Venomancer Pets to "Evolved Event Forge"

- Added Re-skins to ALL 4 Beamhoof Slicer Types (Beamhoof slicer,Support Beamhoof Slicer EP, Beamhoof Slicer CT and Offensive Beamhoof Slicer)

- Added back ALL World Bosses dropping: PVP tokens, and ALL Mobs dropping "Tome Fragment"/Quest (+25 VIT) to new Locations! (Link the PVP farming Guide with update coordinations here)

- Added Fixed Crystals (Won't expire) as new Chi stakes to ADC West, Sirry Wine Camp, Thousand Streams, Town of Arrivals and to our new "1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 5 vs 5 Event Spot" = Vibrant Cliffs (194, 417)

- Added NEW ENDGAME Tomes to "Evolved Event Forge"! (The new item required to craft them "Tome Ticket" has been added to our "Lottery NPC" Good luck! NOTE :(The Tomes are QUEST BASED, and CLASS restricted!!), "Tome Ticket" is trade-able, the NEW Tomes (once crafted) aren't!

- Added Custom UI/Layout for our client!

- Changed Skins of "Baby Butterfly Fairy Egg" and "Elysium Flow Pet Egg", due to people abusing them in PVP (Unable to target the person using the Pet)

- Fixed the "Evolved Invasion" event (REQUIERS TESTING)

- Update Guild Icons (Unfortunately, icons with white background require photoshop editing in order to remove the background)

- The PANEL is fully fixed and all items are added BACK to it!

- Vote Sites are added back and we turned DOUBLE Vote points ON! Click here! = 120 Vote coins if you vote on ALL 3 websites!

- ALL Guides on the Forum are UPDATED!

- Donation Button WORKS again, you can finally donate again for our loved "Donation Skins"! Click Here!

We wanted to take this chance, to apologize for all the trouble we had lately, due to other servers attacking us constantly and people trying to harm the server by spreading lies about it! EVERYTHING IS FULLY WORKING AGAIN!This patch is a "manual" patch which will FIX the entire patching process! That means that every next patch will be again fully automated!

Server Status

  • EXP Rate 1000x
  • Drop Rate 1000x
  • SP Rate 1000x
  • Gold Rate 1000x

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