How to Farm?

PATCH v3-4

Fixed Arenas
- ADC for Admins
- All others for public
Removed Zuriel's Blade from Mounts/Fly NPC and Players
Added Gate of Delirium and Hall of Deception to Illusion Stone
Added EA class restrict to Tier 1/2/3 Light Pants
Removed 0.05 attk/s from Tier 1/2/3 Heavy Pants
Enabled Game Guides and Media buttons from Website
Added CHI Fists
Added Items Exchange under Evolved Weapons Forge
Added World Bosses with mounts drops
Added SZ to Big Cities and PK Teleport areas
Added Chi Stakes on PK areas
Added Attack and Defense Charms to Evolved Weapons forge / Change stack to 10.000
R8 Cleric Weapon has been changed / needs recraft
Removed TT weapons Magic Sword:Sinrabansho and Magic Sphere:Roaring Flame
Added Lottery NPC that requires an Event Ticket rewarded from events made by our GMs
Added Lottery NPC
Added +10% Evasion to Wolfen Brotherhood and Shadow of Heaven Tier 4 Ornaments


You can check the Guides for more information.

Server Status

  • EXP Rate 1000x
  • Drop Rate 1000x
  • SP Rate 1000x
  • Gold Rate 1000x

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