Update Version 3

Missing NPCs:

  • Added Teleport Master to Village of Greed to its original position (Hell World, 337 474)
  • Added Contemplation Forge to its original position
  • Added several Plants/Mines that were missing
    • Note: Souleater Lower Part, was never bugged. It just has a spawning radius near the coordination: 560 479
  •  Added all missing Old Swordsman NPCs so you can wine your Raids



Quality of Life changes:

  • Increased the crafting speed significantly in the following Forges:
  1. Cauldron of Ascension 
  2. Cauldron of Concretion
  3. Warsoul Vessel
  4. Boundless Forge
  5. Lunar Armor
  6. Lunar Weaponry
  7. Twilight Armor
  8. Twilight Weaponry
  9. Peerless Forge
  10. Rising Dawn Forge
  11. Fortifications: Reforge
  12. Fortifications: Reshape
  13. Fortifications: Hone
  14. Warsong Gatekeeper
  15. Contemplation Forge 
  16. PW Boutique Agent
  17. Ascension Forge
  18. Cauldron of Contemplation


  • Tsunami Army Messanger has now a static position
  • Mats 1 and Mats 2 in Event Boutique costs were lowered to 30 Silver for 25x Mats and 30 Silver for 25x Herbs
  • Added Banker and Myseterious Merchant to ADC South
  • Reduced the ratio of Supply Token: Rapture/Uncanny Crystal in Cauldron of Contemplation Forge (Retail)
  • Customised Vyn Ren, the Trainer to reward players doing Homestead/Homestead quests with the following:
      • Sigil of Nightbloom  x1 = Sovereign Seal x1
      • Elysian Seal x1 = Wraith Officer's Badges x50
      • Subsiding Dirt x5 = Wraith Officer's Badges x25
  • Added NEW "Gold Event Reward Chest" - For future Events (Rewarding: 1 Gold)
  • Added NEW "Silver Event Reward Chest" - For future Events (Rewarding: 50 silver)
  • R9R3 Molds are tradeable now
  • Awakened Molds are tradeable now
  • Reduce Coin cost on Rapture/Uncanny Crystal Exchange at Cauldron of Contemplation
  • Added Certain rare Packs from Cubi shop to Event shop:
      • Delicate Moon Chest
      • Deity Scroll
      • Ancient Relic
      • Glowing Energy Core
      • Demons' Hidden Treasure
  • Reduced cost on Fashionwear in Cubi Shop
  • Spirit of the Forge, removed the Chienkun Stone required for each re-rolling




  • Fixed Crafting Mirage Celestones with Celestone Fragments at Gem Merchant (It's not a quest anymore, but a crafting process)
  • Fixed Glazed Celestial Chest, Silver Celestial Chest and Bronze Celestial Chest (Celestial Tiger rewards)
  • Fixed "Stay online reward" it will reward you now each 6 hours with 50 Silver
  • Fixed Dark Messenger spam shouting
  • Fixed Nation War Forge skin differences
  • Fixed Bounty Hunter I description regards Thousand Years Spirit
  • Fixed Action Stone
  • Fixed Extreme Action Stone




  • Added Certain rare Packs from Cubi shop to Event shop - available now at both
    • Delicate Moon Chest
    • Deity Scroll
    • Ancient Relic
    • Glowing Energy Core
    • Demons' Hidden Treasure
  • Added over 1000+ customised Weapon Fashions to both, Event and Cubi Shop

Note: Please make sure you read properly the very clearly distinct Weapon types and Class restrictions, before purchasing!

  • Added over 3000+ customised Fashionwear pieces to both, Event and Cubi Shop
  • Added over 100+ customised Eye Codes (Codes and Eye Names displayed here: https://pastebin.com/LWUa6BYU

Tutorial: Edit in Evolvedpwi155/element/userdata/character/00-111 the following: Click

  • Added over 400+ new Hairstyles to the game (Codes displayed here: -)
  • Reduce Account Stash Stone price in Event Boutique from 30 to 8 Gold
  • Reduce Super Inv. Stone price in Event Boutique from 25 to 5 Gold
  • Added Advanced Makeover Scroll to Cubi Shop
  • Increased Stack of Orichalum Ignote to x10 in Cubi Shop
  • Increased Adamantine Powder to x20 in Cubi Shop


Server Status

  • NO Avatar Cards
  • NO Starchart items
  • NO G17 Weapons
  • NO Nuema Portals
  • NO Homestead Skills. (Ultimate skills)

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