How to Farm?

Patch V24-25

Evolved Perfect World FULL PVP!
- Added Safe Zones to all Cities that are near PVP Token World Bosses areas, in order to prevent spam
- Re-edited the "25 VIT Quest", now it's giving 4 stones per quest instead of 1.
- DECREASED mats required for Tier 4 Armor (New players will have an easy start on Evolved PW!)
- DECREASED mats required for Tier 5 Armor (Endgame Armor)/(You should be full geared within hours!)
- Increased damage of DPH Axes (WB), DPH Sage Axes (Sage WR), NUKE Glaive (Sage Wiz)
- Tier 4 Fists,Claws were bugged all the time (That's why Blademasters were so imbalanced), we
noticed that while working on this patch and fixed it! ALL your Fists and Claws are turned into a
"MOLD" (even the reskinned ones) you have to REFORGE them!NOTE: You WON'T lose your skin!
- Added 2 new Tournament Capes (For Archer and for Mage)
- ADDED TIER 5 WEAPONS!(Endgame Weapons)/(Stats will be added to forum soon!)
- Added 53 NEW Custom Mounts to Donation NPC! (Screenshots will be added to forum soon!)
- Decreased PVP tokens required for Tournament Capes
- Fixed/Increased in size the Safe Zone in Sirry! If you leave the Safe Zone, you won't be able to
return to it, except if you die or teleport! (Preventing Sneak attacks, increasing PVP)

- Moved T5 Forges to Dungeons: Secret Passage, Gate of Delirium, Hall of Deception. In order to decrease lag caused by people dropping weapons to the ground.
- Fixed Evolved's Gift, now it will give again correct stats

Server Status

  • EXP Rate 1000x
  • Drop Rate 1000x
  • SP Rate 1000x
  • Gold Rate 1000x

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