Update Version 26

Patch Notes: V25

Game-Engine re-worked completely

We have been for a quite a while informed, that due to Perfect Worlds very poorly optimized engine the game doesn't run completely nice on Low-end PCs or a bit older PCs, sometimes not even on High-End PCs.

We are very aware of that case and therefor we have tried our best to change the game in a unique way and implement something new, that will hopefully help a lot of players out and motivate others, that weren't sure about Perfect World, to give the game a 2nd chance.

This Patch is a very text based one, so please read VERY CAREFULLY all the explanations:


The Menu (Updated):

As shown on the picture, we have added 4 NEW buttons, with different functions.


1. Disable Freezing


The client was changed back to it's default behaviour. It will now freeze automatically when you don't have the Client windows focused in order to reduce the CPU usage on your PC to 0%, not affecting your PC performance anymore in case you are listening to music, chatting with friends on Discord etc. However, you are able to disable the freezing state, by ticking the Box near "Disable Freezing" as shown on the picture and the client will CONTINUE working in real time (While you are you doing different things)


2. Performance Boost


In case you have this button unticked, your game will remain completely normal. Looking like this:

Disabled (Original):

In case you have this button ticked and enabled, your will game will reduce all textures in game giving you a FPS performance boost of 20~60+ FPS!

Enabled (New):


MassPvP (Suggestion):

In case you are in the middle of Mass PVP and a lot of different skills collide, which affects your performance drastically. We highly suggest to use the Performance Boost - Button in combination with Effect Distance reduced to a minimum:

The result will be displayed below:

Reduces very performance costy Skills like Churning Vortex to a minimum!


3. Disable Flights


In case the fight is happening in air, or a lot of air typed mechanics are being used. You might consider disabling your Flight by ticking the Disable Flight - Button.

Shown below:

This button can be used in combination with any other button or performance altering mechanic!

Very important: You will need to un-equip and re-equip your flight after enabling this button. Players that are already in your radius before Enabling the Disable Flight button will keep their flights, but all Opponents that later appear to your area or when you move towards them will from there all have their Flights disabled. If you teleport to an other town while the button is active, will disable it automatically to everyone you encounter


4. Disable Pets


In case you are having trouble clicking on your opponent due to many Company Pets being launched, or many Venomancers are being present during the PVP or Dungeon Raid, you might consider simply disabling the Pets model - Turning the Pets invisible. However, you will still be able to click on the Pet by using the Health Bar of your opponent.

Very Important: Very similar to the Flights button, only working to new encountered opponents or when teleporting for the first time into an area with people, all players that are around you, while you enable it, will keep their pets until you lose them in sight. (Recommendation: Disable it after entering the game)



Chat Changes:


The Whisper chat was reverted to normal. It was mistakenly changed during the last patch, sorry about that.


Damage Chat:

The damage chat was simplified, by the request of our community and will from now on simply display the difference in either taking or dealing damage as following:



Inventory Buttons Fix:

The inventory Buttong New Socket was fixed and will now function completely normal from your inventory.



Cubi Shop Changes:

x1 Origination Order, a very useful item used to restart Genie Lucky points was reduced in cost from 10 Silver to 5 Silver

x10 Origination Order, a bigger stack of the Origination order was reduced in cost from 1 Gold to 45 Silver

Wardrobe, used in order to extend the slots in Fashion Storage was reduced in cost from 2 Gold to 50 Silver

We have added around 150~200 Weapon Fashions for Stormbringer and Duskblade. We have used the Weapon Fashions that were used by other classes and implemented them for SB and DB as well. (Permanent)



Event Shop Changes:

x1 Inv. Extension Stone, used to extend your Inventory storage was reduced from 5 gold to 1.25 Gold

The Origination order used to be  x1 , was increased in stack to x10 and the price was changed to 1.25 Gold

We have added around 150~200 Weapon Fashions for Stormbringer and Duskblade. We have used the Weapon Fashions that were used by other classes and implemented them for SB and DB as well. (Trial: 30 Days)



Other Changes:

Strange Announcements

We have removed that very questional auto-announcement made by PWI, which has some racist implications in it. Please take our apology in case it offended anyone in any form, it was a retail Announcement made by Perfect World International, that we overlooked.

Valentines Event

was closed. We really hope you had fun with our Valentines event it will return next year together with all the other unique Events!