Update Version 34

Patch Notes: V34 


Gaming Network

(Dedicated Hosts)

We were trying for quite a while to make the impossible, possible. All online games usually have one dedicated Host, with a bunch of external Hosts. Usually that Dedicated Host is being the most powerful one and can't ever be compared to the External Hosts.

We have managed to launch 2 Dedicated Hosts:

  • EU 
  • USA 

Which is the first time an Online game similar to Perfect World is attempting to make it possible. 

What would a dedicated US/NA host mean for the community?

You can imagine it like this: Online games are usually hosted at certain Regions (EU,ASIA,NA/US,AUS,RU..). Only people, from that Region or close to it will be able to enjoy the game to its fully extend in smoothness and performance. We are trying to go beyond that boundary and emulate the Game in 2 different Regions AT THE SAME TIME. The result will be having the EU Host experienced applied to the US community. 

IF this attempt shows successful, we will for sure extend it to the Asia Region community!

We hope, that you will like the new Host and enjoy in our new, powerful, reliable and most importantly stable NA/US gaming experience!



Chat Mechanics

Kill Chat




You will be able to see who you killed or if you killed your target.


Normal Chat (DM)




Whisper Chat (Friends)





Fashion Fixes

UwU Emoji (F) and Crying Laughing Emoji (F) were fixed


Missing Fashion


Plenty of Fashion wear was added, that were originally missing (Example: Head,Top,Gloves were available, but boots were missing etc..)

  • 500+ Missing Fashionwear was added back to both Shops (Event and Cubi)




Corrected the spelling in "Custom Title Token"



Mysterious Chips:

You will be able to exchange now bigger stacks of Mysterious Chip Pack x10 at the Mysterious Merchant:

  • 50 Chip Packs = 500
  • 100 Chip Packs = 1000
  • 500 Chip Packs = 5000
  • 1000 Chip Packs = 10000
  • 2000 Chip Packs = 20000



Feral Soul Star:

Attendance Sheet is now exchange-able to Feral Soul Star at Mrs.Zoologist

1x Attendance Sheet = 10x Feral Soul Stars



Shop Mechanics

(Event & Cubi)

Both Shops (Event Gold and Cubi) were modified in the following ways:

  • Fashionwear is now easier accessible and can be searched in the Shop, as well as previewed

  • Mounts and Flights in Event Gold Shop can now be pre-viewed



Oracles: X, XI, XII


In order to support the Solo play in terms of Leveling progression, we have decided to add 3 New Oracles:

  •  Oracle X - LV: 75
  •  Oracle XI - LV: 80
  •  Oracle XII - LV: 85

Available at the PW Boutique Agent NPC in Archosaur West.

The Oracles have following Rewards:



Oracle X


Oracle X

Oracle X

  • 19000 coins
  • 33000 EXP
  • 7500 Spirit.
  • 20000 coins
  • 35000 EXP
  • 8000 Spirit.
  • 21000 coins
  • 37000 EXP
  • 8500 Spirit.



Mini Map



The Mini Map was increased a lot in Size. The buttons were re-arranged to a different Position. 

Both Mini - Map versions:

  • Squared Mini - Map
  • Rounded Mini - Map

Were customised completely and increased in Size, as well as fixed in terms of technicalities, that will work completely normal no matter if the Map is customised


New Size



Aeorgear Forge


This update was delayed a little bit, but it's finally set and ready. You will be able to upgrade your Flights!

There are 4 different items required to upgrade your Flights:


Which you can use at the Forges in Thousand Streams:

  • Aerogear Forge
  • Aerogear Forge Med.
  • Aerogear Forge Adv.


Wings of Luminescence

 Wings of Luminescence

This item has 2 different Versions. One is exclusively available to the Cubi Shop, and the Other version exclusively available in the Event Shop. Both are used for different Flights


Wishful Wing Token

 Wishful Wing Token

This item is available in various Packs, and a lot of players will have it already in their inventory, but weren't sure what to use it for. Now it has its original purpose back!

This was the 1st Part of the Aerogear Patch. All upgrade Items will be added to other Special Events or later on to Special Dungeons!




Theater of Blood

(Added Back)

Theater of Blood is now finally back and will start by its Default schedule:

  • Every Day: 19:00 PM (Server Time)

The Rewards are original:

Item  Cost
Perfect Stone x1 Heart of Blood x1
Dice Ticket x1 Heart of Blood x10
Mysterious Chip x1 Heart of Blood x15
Socket Stone x1 Heart of Blood x20
Trophy Ticket x1 Heart of Blood x180 
Espionage Potion x1 Heart of Blood x25


Original Prizes:

Prize Cost
Ring of Blood Heart of Blood x1500
COF Directorate Secret Letter Heart of Blood x1000
120 Reputation Heart of Blood x800
Immortal Gift Pack Heart of Blood x500

In case you need food for your Genie or Flight, Theater of Blood is a very fun alternative to Obtain a lot of  Perfect Stones




Rotflesh Trench: Public Quests



The Public Quests regards Rotflesh Trench (Chapter 1,2 and 3) are now enabled for the following Levels:

  • Chapter 1 (Lv.60~80)
  • Chapter 2 (Lv.95+)
  • Chapter 3 (Lv.100+)

These Public Quest will require participation of more players and will be happening during the following time:

  • 09:00 AM - 23:00 PM (Server time) - DAILY

Main Reward:

- EXP and Armor equivalent to the Quest Level.

- Nightspike Crystals for Chapter 3


Skill Book 



All Skill books are now stackable to x100

Note: Only same Books will stack, different Books/Skills from the same Class will NOT stack.



Molten Mines

  • Feral Soul Stars 

Can now be obtained by trading Feral Soul Star Fragments to Feral Soul Stars.

Ration: 1x Feral Soul Star Fragment => 3x Feral Soul Stars

The Molten Box has a 10% chance to give 20x Feral Soul Star Fragments