Update Version 36 (Hotfix)

Patch Notes: V36



  • Channarong Event was removed

We have decided to remove Channarong as there was no way to match the timezones and meet the individual expectations. 

  • Uncharted Paradise was Enabled

You can call Uncharted Paradise: Channarong Event 2.0. Currently its in testing phase, which means that it's currently completely retail with No drops on any of the Bosses. What we would require from the community is to run through Uncharted Paradise as soon as possible and as often as possible in order to verify that its fully functional. As soon as we get a feedback regards its functionality, we will modify the Dungeon to Match Channarongs type of Event.

Hopefully you can understand the Change/Swap regards the Event, as this seems to be the only way to satisfy everyone.

  • Molten Mines (Increased difficulty)

The bosses in Molten Mines were buffed in order to main their difficulty, due to the recent addition of Primal skills and their big advantage given in PVE

  • Skillsender was fixed

Certain Skills won't crash your client anymore, however as we can't be 100% sure due to the bright spectrum of skills available, please let us know in case any casting causes a client crash. (Precise Class name | Skill Name).


The Healing Skillsender Button was also fixed, your heals are fully functional now. However, it's very IMPORTANT to mention that having Skillsender on Heals and being able to use PWIs default Buff filters is incompatible - This means, once you turned ON the Skillsender Healing button, you won't be able to heal/buff others, EXCEPT yourself. Turning off the Skillsender Healing button will return everything back to normal, and you will be able to heal/buff people acording to the individual Buff filters you are having set up.

  • Oracles

All Oracle stacks were increased from 1.000 to 10.000

  • "Rubber Band" - Bug

This is a bug, that's as old as PWI itself. It was always present in the game and is still existing on PWI to a certain degree.

We have mentioned to FIX this issue once and for all.

For those being unaware of what the "Rubber Band" Bug is:

The situation where your char is constantly being teleported back to few steps or seconds/previous position. You must have encountered it when Jumping of buildings/Mountains or obsticles, by running behind Mobs (that you are attacking) or Players, when it teleports you randomly back to your original position.

  • Evolved Vitae Pill

The Evolved Vitae Pills were fixed now. If you have still some, please contact a GM in order to get an exchange. These Pills will be re-added in our Channarong 2.0 Event (Uncharted Paradise) as soon as its functionality was confirmed.