Update Version 42

Update Version: 42


Lunar Glade

  • Lunar Glade Trophy mode was reduced in requirements to participate/open from 4 to 2
  • The Wygie Quest (Invitation to Purgatory) Bosses were modified so they will all have the same retail chance of dropping Ancient Helm Mold making it accessible to all classes, instead of being limited to only certain ones - Regardless of your class.


Evolved Bounty Hunt

  • The Auto-attach Quests (3 times per day obtainable) were fixed, and will work from now on properly


Warsong - Event Gold (Quest)

  • The Auto-attach Quest ins Warsong City was fixed and will work properly. Obtainable: 3 times per day and rewards 1 Event Gold.


Molten Mines (LV.1 and LV.2)

  • Both NPCs were given the option to sell items and repair broken gear
  • The Chests in Molten Mines LV.2 will now work properly. They won't require no Key in the Questlog anymore


Sky Cover and Could Stir

  • Will remain in their current funcionality of being able to stack, by various requests made by the community regarding the new unintended feature


Primal Skills

  • The Cost for BM and Mage Primal skills was reduced from:
    • Blademaster: From 680 to 460 (overall cost)
    • Mage: From 500 to 400 (overall cost)


Imperial Exam List

  • You will be able to exchange a certain amount of Imperal Exam Lists for an equal reputation rewarding Imperal Exam List at Assistant Wang Tsai and PW Boutique Agent, instead of having to click each item individually


Event Shop

  • Teleport Incense was added at the following amount: x10 for 60 Silver


Lightsail Cave and Co.

  • Due to great feedback given by our new players regarding the lack of coins in the early stage. We have decided to adjust the following caves:
    • Lightsail Cave
    • Firecarg Grotto
    • Den of Rabid Wolves
    • Cave of the Vicious
    • Hall of Deception
    • Gate of Delirium
    • Valley of Disaster

In the following 2 ways:

  1. Lightsail Cave, Firecarg Grotto, Den of Rabid Wolves, Cave of the Vicious, Hall of Deception, Gate of Delirium, Valley of Disaster -  Were given proper coin drops, as they previously didn't drop any coins at all
  2. The Dungeons (FB19 -> FB 49) were given a new feature, the Quest: A Quest for Coins (Lv.X-X). These Quests are getting auto-attached when entering: Lightsail Cave, Firecarg Grotto, Den of Rabid Wolves and Cave of the Vicious. They will be rewarding you for completeing the Dungeon with a proper amount of additional coins. (Located always at the final Boss chamber)

Coins rewarded per Dungeon:

    • Lightsail Cave = 50.000 Coins
    • Firecarg Grotto = 50.000 Coins 
    • Den of Rabid Wolves = 50.000 Coins
    • Cave of the Vicious = 50.000 Coins
    • Gate of Delirium = 80.000 Coins 
    • Hall of Deception = 100.000 Coins

Note: The Quests are only available for players within the level range of the Dungeon (Example: FB20 = Lv.19-28)


Guild Banners

  • Requested Guild Banners were added at their Locations


Custom Flights

  • You can now, just like we did with Custom Weapon Fashion, Custom Title now order a Custom Flight, which is available in the Cubi Shop in form of a Token for 40 Cubi Gold
  • All requested Custom Flights were added to the game. DM BeasT in order to receive the ones you requested.


Custom Titles

  • All requested Custom Titles were added to the Game, make sure to DM BeasT in order to receive yours!


New Player: Starting Stage

  • After talking to all of our New players and considering all their suggestions regarding an improved starting experience. We have decided to apply the following changes:
  1. The New Player Necklace was increased in terms of EXP Buff from 10% to 20%
  2. Every New Player will find in their inventory a Brown Nimbus (Duration: 2 days) - This is all class Flight, that will hopefully make everyones start on Evolved PWI even greater! 


Note: Only affects players created after this patch!


Nirvana Title Forge

  • Is now available infront of Nirvana Palace, near the other retail Forges