Update Version 43 - Halloween Special

Evolved Halloween Special

It's Halloween, Evolved Community!

Evolved PWI: Halloween Special

Welcome to our Halloween special, that comes with a lot of new things as well as other changes


How to participate?

The Event is split into 2 parts:

  • Invasions - Parades
  • Quests 


Halloween Parade:

Halloween Parade (Invasion) will launch DAILY, in all Main cities (Lost City - Etherblade - Archosaur - Tellus City - City of Plume - Raging Tides) at:

2:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 18:00 PM (Server time).

Each invasion lasts: 15 Minutes

Mobs will have the chance to drop the following items:

  • Halloween Cookie
  • Pumpkin Seed
  • Jack O' Lantern 
  • Witch's Brew

Used to craft items at the Trick or Treat NPC in ADC West, which will allow you to craft one of the following items:

  • Weapon Skins / Weapon Fashions (Unique - Halloween special ONLY)
  • Halloween Titles (Unique - Halloween special ONLY)
  • Genies (Unique - Halloween special ONLY)
  • Battle Pet Monkey King New Skin
  • Battle Pet Phoenix/Hercules - New Skin
  • All Class Pets
  • 10 Million Big Note
  • Ultimate Dragon Orb pack
  • Medal of Glory
  • Rank 9 Recast 3 Molds (Halloween Special ONLY)


Halloween Quests

You can also take Quests at Trick or Treat NPC in ADC West in order to kill Halloween Bosses. You will get Teleported into a unique Dungeon via the NPC: Trick or Treat.

The Bosses respawn every: 15 Minutes

Note: It has level caps, and requires at least 2 characters to be in the same Squad - having the same level. 

Level Ranges:

  • Lv. 20 ~ Lv. 55
  • Lv. 56 ~ Lv. 89
  • Lv. 90 ~ Lv. 105



Links below will let you preview the new Content:

Halloween Weapon Fashion

Halloween Battle Pets

Halloween Genies and Halloween Box



Nephrite and Divinity Stones

  • The conversion between these stones was fixed and should work properly


Illusion Stone

  • Was added to all main cities:
      • City of Lost
      • Plume City
      • Etherblade
      • Thousand Streams
      • City of Raging Tides
      • Tellus City


Evolved Bounty Hunt

  • The Deep Sea Snake was removed from the World Boss pool. It won't be required anymore


Terriotry World: - New Rule

Using Alt guilds - Fake Guilds (Guilds that don't have at least 10 Unique players, not already actively playing in other main Guilds) in order to bid on TW Maps is from this Patch on prohibited, and will result in getting the Alt permanently banned and the Main char banned for 3 days.

Continues breaking of the rule will result in a permanent ban for all main characters.



Resistance Force Leader

In order to boost Flowsilver Palace in value, we have decided to add an exchange rate from Shiny Flowsilver Coins to Iceshard Coins as listed below:

  •  Shiny Flowsilver Coin x1 =>  Iceshard Coin x1



Sky Cover and Cloud Stir

You may use the leftover rings in order to exchange them for  Perfect Stones x10 at Assistant Wang Tsai



Uncharted Paradise

It was set to require now:

Lv.90+ without other requirements in order to enter. This should solve all possible issues, as it's identical to Molten Mines now

(Be aware, that you might not be able to complete this Dungeon with Lv.90, and that we recommend using Lv.100 chars)


Undercurrent Guardian

The rewarding NPC: Undercurrent Guardian in Undercurrent Hall will from now on also let you exchange:

  •  Undercurrent Coin x12 =>  Barbaric Blood x1



Coin Quests

(FB 19 - 49)

The Coin quests will now require from you to confirm them after completing the required Kill. That way it won't confuse people anymore when automatically adding the reward and re-attaching itself back to the Questlog, making it seem like the kill wasn't counted.

Note: These Quests are only available at certain Level ranges (Determined by the Dungeon Level) - Higher level chars, won't receive these Quests


Lunar Glade: Wygie NPCs

The new Classes were now also included to the Wygie NPCs as follows:

  • Wygie (Barbarian|Assassin)
  • Wygie (Archer|Seeker)
  • Wygie (Wizard|Stormbringer)
  • Wygie (Cleric|Mystic)
  • Wygie (Venomancer|Psychic)
  • Wygie (Blademaster|Duskblade)

Since all the Bosses (From Wygie Quests) have the same chance to drop the  Ancient Helm Mold, enabling it to all Classes. (Used for Lunar Glade: Titles)



Divine Emissary of: Void|Shadow|Light

The NPC: Divine Emissary of: Void will aside of the current Legendary Weapons also reward the required Legendary Armor parts, that can't be crafted by using Legendary Molds (farm from various Bosses). 

Used in order to complete the Legendary Titles