Update Version 44

Patch: V44

(Hot Fix)



Halloween Event:

  • The Brackets were changed as following:
    • LV. 30 ~ LV. 55
    • Lv. 56 ~ Lv.100
    • Lv.101 ~ LV.105
  • Auto-Announcement regarding the Invasions for Halloween Parade was added
  • Fixed the Safezone in the Arena connected to the Halloween Special. It should now work as intentional. 
  • Squad Number to enter the Arena and take the Quest was increased from 6 -> 10
  • Added the missing R9R3 Molds to the Trick or Treat? NPC
  • Genie Stats were adjusted properly


Undiscovered Dungeon:

  • Was properly set up for its testing Phase. Please make sure to suggest your ideas and the potential use of this Dungeon on Discord.