Update Version 48

Patch Notes: V48



Hello Evolved Community,

This Patch is a little different from the others, as its a major upgrade to our Client. - Evolved PWI evolving once again!

We have purposely applied only certain or necessary tweaks for this Patch, so the main focus could stay on the Client Upgrade.


How to upgrade your client?


(Method 1)

Before you do any of this, make sure, that you updated your client to: V48. 

Our V48 will be the last version for our old Patcher, and the new Patcher will start from V1.



More simplistic Guide

Step 1

Download the new Patcher


Step 2


(Method 2)

Download a fresh client from our website: Evolved PW Client

Make sure you delete your old Client after you have download the new one.


The New Client will:

  • Increase the download speed and stability of patches insanely
  • Stabilize the file conversion and update process
  • Remove further corruption done by the antivirus (windows defender)
  • various features, that will benefit the community for a more efficient, faster and smoother patching process.




Patch Version 48 


Halloween - Event

  • The Trick or Treat NPC is now removed. See you all next year for the next Halloween Special!


Legendary Titles

  • All missing Armor pieces were added to the Emissary of Void|Light or Shadow at Dreamweaver Port.
  • All other seemingly unavailable molds were checked and are 100% available by the Bosses listed on https://pwdatabase./com - Since they are listed under side drops they won't be displayed by the Encyclopedia in game (By default) - Don't let this discourage you. The bosses are dropping them all properly, but the rates are retail.


Boundless Forge (PvE)

  • The Sky Splitter Armor (PvE) will now require the proper previous Armor part



Chrono World Boss

(OHT Bosses)

  • All OHT bosses required in the Evolved Bounty Hunt should from now on respawn every 6 hours.


Guild Icons

  • All requested Guild icons were updated


 Chienkun Stones

Price increase for both shops:

Cubi shop

  • Old: 4x Chienkun Stones = 1 Cubi
  • New: 8x Chienkun Stones = 1 Cubi
  • Old: 40x Chienkun Stones = 9 Cubi
  • New: 80x Chienkun Stones = 9 Cubi

Event Shop

  • Old: 2x Chienkun Stones = 1 Event Gold
  • New: 4x Chienkun Stones = 1 Event Gold
  • Old: 20x Chienkun Stones = 9 Event Gold
  • New: 40x Chienkun Stones = 9 Event Gold


 Dragoling Essence

  • The stack for Dragoling Essence was increased from x1 to x9999


Seal: Titles

The following Seal:Titles were re-created from scratch and will be now fully functional:

  • Seal: Stairway to Heaven
  • Seal: Kings Feast