Update Version - 6 New Patcher

Evolved - Christmas Special




  • Molten Mines Bosses were adjusted, the missing anti APS buff was re-added and the Bubble buff was removed
  • To avoid further conflicts with the Christmas Arena, we have decided to move the Bosses and the Rewarding Mechanic to: Firecarg Grotto

You will be teleported to the Dungeon, which won't include anyone else, except your Squad. The Bosses are located at the following place on the map:

  • You may now invite to your Christmas Party all level players, you won't need to find people at specific level ranges (For the Christmas Dungeon Quests)
  • We've added a Christmas Backpack...i mean, why not, right?

  • All World Bosses required for the Christmas Special were set to respawn every 5 minutes. Drops were disabled
  • Updated Guild Icons