Update Version 12-13

Update Version 12-13


Archosaur Invasion

We have added more Invasion spots:

  • Camp of the Intrepid (WEST) - 247 813
  • Sumor Camp (EAST) - 346 840
  • Sumor Camp (NORTH) - 327 864
  • Angler's Village (NORTH) - 633 852

Mystical Crystals obtained from Invasions will now be sellable for 1000 coins each



  • The error "Mission already taken" when entering a Squad was fixed, you won't receive it again. The issue was within the Quest: Expert Killer (UDC Quest)
  • Fortification Seal stack was increased from 9999 to 99999
  • You can now exchange Event Gold Packs to higher quantities - Opening bigger amounts of Event Gold faster than before at the NPC: Assistant Wang Tsai (Archosaur West). Available amounts: 
    • 50x Event Gold
    • 100x Event Gold
    • 250x Event Gold
  • Contribution Points (Merit) gained from the Daily Quests in Faction Base at Monolith were doubled (x2)
  • Aura and Fashion Wings cost in Event Gold Shop was reduced to 40 Event Gold
  • You can now teleport to Undiscovered Dungeon Lv.2 - Only for exploring/testing purposes. 
  • Added secret teleport points in Undiscovered Cave Lv.1 to secret areas - You might want to search for them!
  • Items removed from some Bounty Hunter I Quests:
    • Fairy Box Key
    • Reflective Shard
    • Nirvana Palace Key
    • Lesser War Avatar Plate 
  • Wardrobe can now be extended up to 200 Slots at PW Boutique Agent - You can now have up to 40 Fashion Change Sets
  • Ressurection Scroll cooldown has been reduced from 30 minutes to 15 Minutes
  • Added the following NPCs to all major cities:
    • Elder: Events Giver
    • Buff Merchant
    • Undiscovered Demon
    • Goblin Miner
    • Old Dwarf Knight
    • Old Elite Dwarf Knight 
  • Medal of Glory is now available in the ratio 1:1 in Cubi shop
  • Distance Feature to Target has been adjustment and should display now a proper Range between your Target. In Dungeons its still unavailable
  • Fixed the following Seal: Titles:
    • Seal: Hidden Orchid Valley - Enabled
    • Seal: Peach Blossom Grove - Enabled
    • Seal: King's Feast - Enabled
    • Seal: Swamp of the Wraiths - Enabled
    • Seal: Harshlands - Working
    • Seal: Canyon - Working
    • Seal: Archosaur - Working
    • Seal: Frozen River - Working
    • Seal: Volcanic Purgatory - Working
    • Seal: Tai Chi Shore - Working
    • Seal: Misfortune - Working
    • Seal: Snake Isle - Working
    • Mystery Book·Hill of the Swarm - Working
    • Seal: Originia River - Working
    • Seal: Shining Tidewood - Working
    • Seal: Dragon Gulf - Working
    • Seal: Widow's Coast - Working
    • Seal: Silk Ridge - Working
    • Seal: Broken Dreams -  Not Available for this version
    • Seal: Shattered Cloud -  Not Available for this version
  • Added  Nemesis Tracker to VIP 6 shop. It allows you to track coordinates and position of your Foe
  • The Ranking system will from now on shout every kill, but won't count kills towards the same IP over 3 times. IF you killed the same person 3 times - Your kill will be shouted, but won't be counted
  • Reverted the Valentines special Tigerform and Foxform, we hope that you enjoyed the Valentines Feature! Will be available at the next V. Event
  • Added all Title Forges to ADC South - in the Twilight/Legendary domain: 523 627
  • Teleport Bell (Duration: 7 days) and Super Teleport Bell (Duration: 30 days) were added to Event Shop for 10 and 25 Event Gold 
  • Super Teleport Bell in Cubi shop will cost now 8 Cubi Gold but it will be permanent


Undiscovered Dungeon

  • Expert Killer Quest reward was reduced from 10 EG to 7 EG
  • Clear the Cave I & II was reduced from 9 EG to 4 EG - Monsters required quantity to complete this Quest was reduced!

The reward will be increased as soon as the Dungeon was added more difficult mechanics and becomes more challenging

Evolved Pets

The New Battle Pets:

    • Caspian Tiger & Armored Caspian Tiger
    • Badlands Dragon & Armored Badlands Dragon

Are now All terrain Pets and will be available on every terrain

Tigers Event

The models of current Tiger monster have been modified to look more like tigers.


Rank 9 (PvE)

We've adjusted the visual aspect of Rank 9 PvE hoping to bring in more clearance for new players. What was done:

  • Icons were redesigned to distinquish the PvE versions of R9 from its PvP counterpart
  • Forges in ADC North were re-arranged in position
  • Unnecessary conversions such as the Duskblade R9 Blades were removed (So they won't confuse people anymore)

Further arrangements are planned in terms of splitting Commander-in-chief into separate NPCs for PvP and PvE if necessary.