Update Version 7


The Soul Harvest (Limited Event)


Evolved Perfect world seemed peaceful until a stranger visted Archosaur West, introducing himself as the "Soul Harvester" . Nobody knows who he is, or what he wants, but what he brought to our World was pure evil. When the night had come, hell broke lose, opening 4 portals located in Evolved PWs main cities: 

  • Archosaur West
  • City of Plume
  • Etherblade City
  • Lost City

General Summer and BeasT were already informed about the situation, and sent out their best Warriors to the battlefield but the whole situation seems hopeless...mortals cant fight Demons coming from the depths of Hell! 

Eon, brave and fearless somehow managed to kill one of the Demons, who fell to dust leaving behind a "Soul Fragment". When Eon was asked what that mysterious item could be, he replied that he doesnt know. So he took the item to his friend Raven, hoping he could tell him more about it. Unfortunately he has never seen anything like that before. Still, he warned Eon about the evil within the sinister thing.

Eon went back to Archosaur West District. The stranger, who seemed to be the reason for all the trouble, noticed Eon was wearing a Soul Fragment in his inventory and whispered, that he knows the purpose of the Soul Fragment. 

What happened next, nobody expected...The sky was painted in bloody red, Eon disappeared that day without a trace. Only a farmer from Etherblade reported to BeasT, that he saw a warrior, wielding a sword, a sword red as blood.

Preview Weapon Fashions here:

Preview Event Flights here:

Preview Mounts here:

Preview Battle Pets here:

Note 1: The Event will automatically start at: 2:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 18:00 PM (Server time). It will last for an entire week, the exchange NPC will remain for a month at ADC West. (Soul Harvester NPC)
Note 2: The Blood Weapon Fashions are permanent, and wont expire

Note 3: Aside from the Weapon Fashions, you will find at the Soul Harvester NPC in ADC West:

  • New Battle Pets (Event Only)

  • New Mounts (Event Only)

  • Ten Million Big Notes

  • Flights (Event Only)

Note 4: All items in the Soul Harvester are permanent and NOWHERE else available, except in the Soul Harvest Event!

Missing NPCs:

  • Added Iron Axe Change to 547 376


Quality of Life:

  • Cenminator and Watcher of Chisam drops removed
  • Removed all Stormbringer/Duskblade related Weapons from all Forges
  • Lesser Avatar Plate can be farmed from Bounty Hunter I
  • Flowsilver Prince Pack (Deicide Mode) will now reward 10x Ultimate Orb Packs instead of 3x
  • Flowsilver Princess Pack (Judgement Mode) will now reward 20x Ultimate Orb Packs instead of 5x
  • Changed the Event Calendar completely to the following log in rewards:
      • 1 - 5x Teleacoustic
      • 2 - Stays same
      • 3 - 5x Teleport Instance
      • 4 - 5x Sutra Power Orb
      • 5 - 25x Teleport Stones
      • 6 - 5x Mystical Pill 
      • 7 - x3 Hyper EXP Stone
      • 8 - x10 Teleport Instance
      • 9 - x50 Teleport Stone
      • 10 - x2 Special Reflective Shard
      • 11 - x3 Training Esoterica 
      • 12 - x2 Specially Procured Green Ink
      • 13 - x10 Dream Guardian Scroll
      • 14 - x3 Rare Dragon Orb Pack
      • 15 - x10 Mystical Pill
      • 16 - x4 Special Reflective Shard
      • 17 - x5 Hyper EXP Stone
      • 18 - x4 Specially Procured Green Ink
      • 19 - x2 Radian Shard
      • 20 - x5 Holy Pills
      • 21 - x3 Squad Signets
      • 22 - x3 Training Esoterica 
      • 23 - x2 Specially Procured Green Ink
      • 24 - x2 Vitae Pills
      • 25 - x2 Radiant Shard
      • 26 - 2x Primordial Blood
      • 27 - 10x Holy Pills
      • 28 - x5 Ultimate Orb Packs
      • 29 - x3 Barbaric Blood
      • 30 - x5 Squad Signets
      • 31 - x6 Vitae Pills
  • Fixed Charm exchange at Assistance Wang Tsai
  • Added proper Descriptions to all EXP Pills regards re-awakening (All work after re-awakening)
  • Fixed Corona King Kisian, the following Quests will work now properly: 
    • Warrior Badge (+20%) 
    • Vanguard Badge (+50%) 
    • Commander Badge (+80%)
  • Reduced Supply Tokens cost for "Orihalcum" from 500 to 250 at Claudron of Contemplation
  • Reduced Crafting service cost in Coins for "Orihalcum" by half
  • Reduced Supply Tokens cost for "Sorveigns Seal" from 1000 to 500 at Claudron of Contemplation
  • Reduced Crafting service cost in Coins for "Sorveigns Seal" by half

Shop Changes:

  • Added several Homestead related items to Cubi shop, including all Homestead city templates
  • Added 500+ NEW flights to Event Shop and Cubi Shop
  • Added 8 New Axe Weapon Fashions to Cubi and Event Shop


Server Status

  • NO Avatar Cards
  • NO Starchart items
  • NO G17 Weapons
  • NO Nuema Portals
  • NO Homestead Skills. (Ultimate skills)

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