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Server WIPE, a fresh START!

You will need to download the new full client v1.

Optional: You can use THIS GUIDE to download and apply the files to the client to autoupdate itself from any version to v2(ATTENTION, you might not be able to see some NPCs/Monsters or some Items with this option.)!

Make sure to check out THE GUIDE about farming/items and item stats.


Due to all the stuff that lately happened, and all the small bugs that caused instability, fake news that were spread about us and all the trouble we had, we decided to make a patch that will completely give an answer to all the issues, fixing the bugs and estabilishing a great and stable server. The previous content was good, but yet not perfect.. The server is in terms of PVP surely balanced, Tier 5 has more than just proven it, thats why we've decide to use it as the base of the new content. The server is completely new. The items are completely new, everything is new. We've had to make a decision between keeping the old, very messy and complicated concept, that was surely balanced, but still way to newbie unfriendly, together with the bugged files and bugged content that was by half at least caused by the massive DDoS attack that we faced at the very beginning of our developement or starting from scratch, without being unfair to our players in terms of items, because all the stuff that will get NOW farmed is completely new, unique and won't continue the old content at all.
It's a FRESH start. It's a new beginning, for all of us and for the new players, that we'll, hopefully, welcome soon! The server is now hold simple, the farming is unique and follows an unique guide line that explains itself without any guide, just by entering the New Evolved Perfect World. So welcome BACK to our old players and welcome to the new players! The changes are massive, so big that there is no space typing them all down in this Patch Notes. You'll have to REGISTER again, create your Character again (With starter gear on it, for an easy start. +12, +20 VIT stoned for you). In the FIRST week (after this patch is released) all mobs will drop "Event Ticket", beside the items that you'll need for the NEW Armor, the NEW ornaments and NEW weapons! The "hardest" thing to farm was the Tome, we've made it very cheap and farmable. I'm more than just convinced, that you will return this little item in NO TIME. All the other items were anyway a 1 hour job. Thanks for the patience, see you in game!

Server Status

  • EXP Rate 1000x
  • Drop Rate 1000x
  • SP Rate 1000x
  • Gold Rate 1000x

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