Update Version 14

Update Version 14



This patch will contain:

  • Ragnarok (Event)
  • Few Skill changes on the old Classes (Mostly by suggestions) - Prepartion for the new Arena
  • Other Changes based on the Suggestions
  • Event Planners and Event rewards (custom)



A very special Event, that will contain unique and never before seen Weapon Fashion, as well as additional Items.

How to participate?

There will be 2 ways to obtain all necessary items:

  • Invasions scheduled as follows: 02:00 AM - 10:00 AM - 18:00 PM
  • Quests available at the NPC Ygdrassil at Archosaur West

The quests will require either killing mobs from the Invasion or killing the Bosses within the Arena. In order to teleport into the Arena use the NPC: Ygdrassil at Archosaur West.

>>Weapon Fashion (Preview) <<



Skill Changes

In order to fulfill the wishes of our community, we have collected all suggestions towards skill changes, that we personally found reasonable and wouldn't lead to nerfing any other class. Perfect World balance was never perfect, and most likely will never be. Our idea was it to give old classes (1.3.6 Era) a little additional boost, so they can keep up. Very few changes are inspired by the Golden Era, and most are inspired by our community, and their ideas.



  • Quick Shot (Demon)

The cooldown was reverted back to its original form (3 seconds) and the chance for the attack buff was decreased to 80%

  • Stunnning Arrow (Demon/Sage)

Will have a 100% chance to apply Stun

  • Leap Left/Leap Right

Will add the Antistun buff for 3 seconds



  • Wellspring Quaff (Demon)

The channelling buff was increased to 35%

  • Dinstance Shrink (Demon/Sage)

You will go into stealth mode during your teleportation

  • Demonic Eruption (Demon)

Will increase your channelling by 35%



  • Drake Bash (Demon/Sage)

Was reverted back to its original form. Occult ice stun was removed

  • Roard of the Pride Demon/Sage)

The Stun effect was modified to be Knockdown 

  • Drake Bash (Sage)

Has a 50% now to cost no Sparks

  • Fissure (Sage)

Fire resistance decreased by 55% now

  • Heaven's Flames (Sage)

Will now cost 1 spark



  • Heal Pet

Was modified to work similar to the Homestead version

  • Parasitic Nova (Demon/Sage)

Chance to apply the Seal/Paralyze effect was increased to 100%

  • Lucky Scarab (Demon/Sage)

Chance to apply the Stun effect was increased to 100%



  • Heaven's Wrath

Was modified so it will give an equal amount of Damage increase as Fury (3 spark), as well as increase your ATK speed by 25% and Channelling by 35%

  • Demonic Eruption (Demon)

Will add 35% channelling speed

  • Magic Shell (Sage)

Will increase your channelling now by 35%



  • Flesh Ream (Demon/Sage)

The threat was increased extremely - More Aggro pulling

  • Devour (Demon/Sage)

The threat was increased extremely - More Aggro pulling

  • Penetrate Armor (Demon/Sage)

The threat was increased extremely - More Aggro pulling



  • Lunar Guidance (Sage)

Was fixed but will have a 10% chance to generate 50 Chi

If you got other ideas for other skills or classes, please feel free to share your opinion on Discord in the Suggestion channel.


Other changes

  • Added new drops to the chests inside UDC

  - Diamond of Dragon

  - Diamond of Tiger

  - Diamond of Leviathan

  - Diamond of Lion

  - Garan Stone

  - Ten Million Big Note

You will get 1 random drop with a low chance to get 2 drops


  • The R9R3 Arcane chest Icon was fixed. Will preview the correct icon now
  • Reduced the price for Mount Avatars from 60 cubi to 40 cubi
  • Added Mount Avatars to Event Shop (Mount Tab) 120 EG for 30 days
  • Removed the key requirement for Fairy Box
  • Custom Titles were added to the game, will be send out after the server is online
  • Banners that were ordered where added to their positions


Event Planners

After a very successfull implementation of Evolved Supporters. We have decided to add a new Team - Event Planners. Just like Supporters, Event Planners are regular people with no GM powers, authority or permissions. They will host Events for the community and will get rewarded for their activity.

There will be a new NPC, at Archosaur West: Event Planner Shop which will contain all Event related goods, that you might obtain.

There is also a new Currency being introduce:

  • Event Token

These Tokens will be the main reward for winning Events hosted by Event planners on a daily Base. The amounts are currently set to x9999 (Don't panic) this is mainly in order to test the system and implementation, whether its being liked or not, before setting proper amounts.

>>Event Wings (Preview)<<



We have completely recoded the Skillsender, and hopefully it will function now properly. Please let us know if you for some reason still experience the same error.


Legendary Titles

Most titles that were having insanely low drop rates, were adjusted and turned into decently fair drop chances. 


TW and NW - Color Names

The Names during Territory War and Nation Wars were adjusted and will from now on display every side properly. Enemies being red named and allies being blue named.



Arigora Arena

The Arigora Arena (Evolved Style) is currenlty being finalized. It will be added only by half with this patch and fully with the next one. 

This Arena will be an improved version of the PWI Arigora Arena, as it will have beside 3v3 and 6v6 also a 1v1 Mode!

The rewards are also set, but won't be revealed yet. We'd like you to suggest as many skill changes, you would think would be reasonable in order to get into the Arena as optimized as anyhow possible. 

The Arena will be planned as a Daily PVP event, that will be scheduled over all timezones fairly and equally. Stay tuned for more in the next patch!