Update Version 16

Update Version 16



This patch has taken a bit longer than usual, due to health issues within the Staff as well as a major update we are preparing for Evolved PWI x2. For now, we wouldn't want to spoiler anything or reveal anything until its all set and ready to go.


This patch as promised will contain the skill change from Update Version 14, added back to the game:


  • Skill Changes


  • Quick Shot (Demon)

The cooldown was reverted back to its original form (3 seconds) and the chance for the attack buff was decreased to 80%

  • Stunnning Arrow (Demon/Sage)

Will have a 100% chance to apply Stun

  • Leap Left/Leap Right

Will add the Antistun buff for 3 seconds



  • Wellspring Quaff (Demon)

The channelling buff was increased to 35%

  • Dinstance Shrink (Demon/Sage)

You will go into stealth mode during your teleportation

  • Demonic Eruption (Demon)

Will increase your channelling by 35%



  • Drake Bash (Demon/Sage)

Was reverted back to its original form. Occult ice stun was removed

  • Roard of the Pride Demon/Sage)

The Stun effect was modified to be Knockdown 

  • Drake Bash (Sage)

Has a 50% now to cost no Sparks

  • Fissure (Sage)

Fire resistance decreased by 55% now

  • Heaven's Flames (Sage)

Will now cost 1 spark



  • Heal Pet

Was modified to work similar to the Homestead version

  • Parasitic Nova (Demon/Sage)

Chance to apply the Seal/Paralyze effect was increased to 100%

  • Lucky Scarab (Demon/Sage)

Chance to apply the Stun effect was increased to 100%



  • ΣHeaven's Wrath (Primal)

Was modified so it will give an equal amount of Damage increase as Fury (3 spark), as well as increase your ATK speed by 25% and Channelling by 35%

  • Heaven's Wrath (Lv.10) 

Was reverted back to its normal form.

  • Demonic Eruption (Demon)

Will add 35% channelling speed

  • Magic Shell (Sage)

Will increase your channelling now by 35%



  • Flesh Ream (Demon/Sage)

The threat was increased extremely - More Aggro pulling

  • Devour (Demon/Sage)

The threat was increased extremely - More Aggro pulling

  • Penetrate Armor (Demon/Sage)

The threat was increased extremely - More Aggro pulling



  • Lunar Guidance (Sage)

Was fixed but will have a 10% chance to generate 50 Chi

If you got other ideas for other skills or classes, please feel free to share your opinion on Discord in the Suggestion channel.


Other changes

  • Skillsender was adjusted the way it was in Update Version 14 where it would mostly cause a server error in case Macros were spammed. While normal holding down of hotkeys wasn't causing any issues
  • Ragnarok - Event is now officially closed. This Event was running a bit longer than actually expected but we still hope, that you enjoyed it to the fullest!
  • Some improvements were added to the occuring server error issue. Please make sure to add your Evolved Folder to Windows defender exclusion list!
  • Arigora Arena was also improved. Hopefully it should work out properly now. For more infos on the schedule check out: Evolved Arigora Patch

Since many people asked to for an alternative to our Event mounts/Pets we have decided as its mostly a cosmetic feature, to apply the following change:

  • Added 280 Mounts to the Cubi shop
  • Added 69 Company Pets to Cubi Shop


Molten Mines Lv.1 ~ Lv.2

Many players have suggested adding more interesting features to Molten Mines Lv.1 and Lv.2 in order to make these Dungeons more challenging and fun. 

That's what we've done with this patch. You will expect upon the login a whole new Experience in Molten Mines! 

  • All Bosses were given unique Mechanics and features, which are quite challenging and could be tweaked depending on your feedback
  • A proper Guide including all necessary actions, in order to beat the Bosses will follow with an update Molten Mines Guide(s)
  • The Reward in Molten Mines LV.1 was increased from from 5.5 Event Gold to 8 Event Gold
  • The Reward in Molten Mines LV.2 was increased from from 8 Event Gold to 10 Event Gold

In case you like the new Mechanics we are thinking of upgrading other Dungeons as well!