Evolved Anniversary - 2 Years!

Update Version 21



A small patch summarzing all we could gather from suggestions directly from our community, that were either possible at the moment or not heavly time consuming. Was also necessary to enable our Anniversary Event.

The reason for that is the upcoming Upgrade, where Evolved PWI will have no limits to it.


Evolved Anniversary - 2 Years

As promised, this patch will enable a special event to celebrate 2 years Evolved PWI anniversary!


x4 Rates Event

During this weekend (From Friday 22.07.2022 - Sunday 24.07.2022 at 00:00 AM) we will enable 4x Rates. Which will modify the following rates as follows:

- x4 EXP

- x4 Spirit

- X4 Coins

- x4 Drops (Items)


x2 Double Donation Bonus (%)

During this weekend (From Friday 22.07.2022 - Sunday 24.07.2022 at 00:00 AM) Evolved PWI will have double Donation Bonus. Which means the Bonus you'd usually get for each donation is now doubled!



  • 4 new spots for spawning Watcher of the Chasm were added at the following locations:
    • Avalanche Mountain (Coordinates 292 962).
    • Angler's Village (Coordinates 641 822).
    • Allies Camp (Coordinates 624 711).
    • The Village of Naught (Coordinates 662 617).
    • The Silver Pool (Coordinates 448 561).
  • Illusion Stone was added to Town of Arrivals
  • Dreamchaser Tickets are now sellable
  • The Goblin Miner's Quest was added to the NPCs at West ADC
  • Oracles Craft was increased from 2 to 10
  • All Dungeons and maps will automatically restart in 2 minutes when a crash happens
  • A new NPC, named Revert Rank9 Gears to Archosaur South 521 626 as well as Thousand Streams (Main location). It will allow the players to revert their R9R2 PVP back to PVE and wise versa in case of a mistake
  • Avatars (Mounts) were reduced by half in price. Can be found in both Boutiques
  • Added new Avatar to Cubi shop for 50 Cubi. (For now only 1 Type) - Can be used in combat
  • Updated Guild icons