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Patch v3-v9 - Compensation Week

Before you read the changes, we’d like to announce that our “Compensation Week” continues for another 7 days! Here is what it includes:

- Mobs in all Dungeons drop Event Tickets

- Vote links will give 100 Vote coins! (300 Vote coins per day!)

- x2 will be ON every weekend + monday

- Please download the NEW Client!

- A little preview of what’s waiting in game: Facebook EvolvedPW

(You’ll get geared in 1 hour max! Have fun!)

Armor Changes:

-No changes

Ornament Changes:

- Added FIXED stats -6% CT, -6% CT, +20 Magic, as well as -6% CT, -6%, +20 Dex to ALL Dungeons. In order to get these ornaments you’ll need to slay our new Alpha World

- Boss called “Titan: Destroyer ” (333 680) and farm the Item: “VIP Orna. Ticket”

(The chance of dropping it is 1%, good luck!)

Changed the required item for G18 (Random stats) Ornaments to “G18 Random Ornas”, which can be bought at “Itemmal NPC” (PVP tokens were way too hard, one of the reasons why

“Compensation Week” is continuing)

Weapon Changes:

- Turned DPH Crossbow (already crafted ones) to “DPH Crossbow Mold” which can be used to craft the new DPH Crossbow

- Turned DPH Glaive (already crafted ones) to “DPH Glaive Mold” which can be used to craft the new DPH Glaive

(Dark DPH Mage can’t be instant cast anymore!)

- Added DPH Pataka to DPH Path (New weapon)

- Added -100% Channelling to APS Glaive (Almost nobody crafted it, so it will need to be re-farmed). It will be from now on useful.

- Added -100% Channelling to APS Pataka (Almost nobody crafted it, so it will need to be re-farmed). It will be from now on useful.


- Fixed the TT ornaments

- Fixed the Marriage

- Fixed the G18 Bolts, they’ll work now with your G18 weapons

- Fixed the correct coordinations for the Daily quest Bosses

- Fixed respawning of Bosses in every Dungeon

- Fixed ALL Daily quests to work individually (You can’t abuse them with alts anymore)

- Fixed Defensive Charms, they’ll work now with level 170

- Other minor fixes

Additional Changes:

- Removed several “Tier 5 Weapons” that could be abused with different Paths that weren’t supposed to reach a specific level of Interval or Channelling speed

- Added 10 new Daily quests (Check them out everything you need to know is explained in the Quest information Box!):

[b]★ 1 Daily quest will give you Teleacoustics

★ 1 Daily quest will give you randomly 1/60 NONE-Battle Pets (Company Pets)

★ 1 Daily quest will give you randomly 1/50 Mounts

★ The other quest require different tasks to be done in order to get either PVP tokens or Evolved Coins[/b]

- Added back the “Offensive Beamhoof Slicer MG” to Evolved Weapon Forge (In every Dungeon)

- Added cool Wings to every starter armor (Testing Phase), FULL set required to be visible

- Reduced Evolved Coins requirement for Custom Bolts from 300 to 150

- Fixed the Animations on Barbarian Tiger form (First 1.3.6 server with a working 1.5.5 Panda Form)

- Added 10 New Nimbus Flights at the Donation NPC

Server Status

  • EXP Rate 1000x
  • Drop Rate 1000x
  • SP Rate 1000x
  • Gold Rate 1000x

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