Update Version 8

New Event:

Ragnarok Event: Evolved PWI

The Soul Harvester has warned the Evolved Community about the danger that was supposed to happen if he gets defeated.

Once the demons were slayed and Evolved PWI was successfully protected, the warriors didn't realize that the prophecy was fulfilled! Not only was it written down, that our warriors would be successful, it was necessary in order to break the last seal, that would release Jörmungandr - the destroyer of worlds. 

The end of time has come. 

The beast Fenrir, attacked Archosaur leaving behind dead corpses.

Eon returned to Archosaur, after the war against the Soul Harvester Demons. His Bloody Sword was powerful, but not as nearly effective against Fenrir and his comrades as it was against the Soul Demons! It all seemed hopeless, while the world was crashing down....Eon didn't want to give up, no matter what it would cost, so he went to Raven, who told Eon about the "Thunder ritual", hidden in the prophecy.

"It is not the roaring thunder that smites,

but the silent lightning"

When Archosaur was crowded in clouds, and the day was turning into night, Eon was standing on the hill of Thousand Streams, holding his Bloody Weapon high into the sky. The thunder was roaring, when lightning struck his sword forging a completely new weapon, a weapon capable of slaying the Serpent!

And so it has begun, on a cloudy day, on Evolved Perfect World: Ragnarok - Judgment day!



  • The event will last 7 days, while the NPC used to exchange items will remain for a month.

The event is made of different parts:

    • Quests
    • Invasions
    • Bosses
  •  Quests:
    • You will obtain the Quest at the NPC Yggdrasil (World), which will require killing Fenrir (Invasion Mob). The reward will be our new Ragnarok Chest
  •  Invasions: 
    • Fenrir will spawn in Archosaur, Lost City, Etherblade, Plume City, Raging Tides, Tellus City (All Major Cities) at: 2:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 18:00 PM (Server time), dropping all items required for various exchanges!
  •  Bosses: 
    •  You will have to slay Jörmungandr (available for various levels, at different difficulties), which can be started by teleporting from Yggdrasil NPC (World). You will need at least 2 Chars in order to enter the Dungeon. Jörmungandr is part of a Quest so make sure to take the Quest aside of the normal Raid inside the dungeon. 


Ragnarok Weapon Fashion previews:

Ragnarok Axes

Ragnarok Sphere

Ragnarok Dagger

Ragnarok Blade

Ragnarok Glaive

Ragnarok Staff

Ragnarok Fists

Ragnarok Bow

Missing NPCs:

  • None


Quality of Life changes:

  • Rank 9 First Cast| can now be obtained each day at Commander-in-Chief (Daily)
Note: The Armor and Belt will have the same requirements whenever obtained. It will always pretend you have just reached Rank 9.
  • Celestial General has now a 2nd option to obtain Summerwind Token by exchaging Uncanny Crystals and Rapture Crystals
  • Increased Nation War rewarding Cap. from 1200 Supply Tokens to 1500 Supply Tokens
  • Added Supply Tokens as rewards to all BH I Quests (Last Quest in each Bounty Hunter quest chain)


  • Attempt to fix Homestead being under water. If your Homestead if under water after the patch, please DM an Administrator



  •  Added Interval Blessing to Cubi Shop and Event Shop
  •  Added Channelling Blessing to Cubi shop and Event Shop


Other Changes:

  • Added Evolved Supporter Title. Please DM an Administrator if you are part of the Supporter team to receive your in game Title (Unique)
  • Added to Assistant Wang Tsai the option to exchange Jones and O'Malley to the New Interval and Channelling Blessings, as well a exchange back to Jones and O'Malley if needed
Note: The Interval Blessing will replace the missing 0.10 Interval in R8 and R8R Assassin set.



  •  Removed 0.10 Interval from Rank 8 and Rank 8 Second Cast gear (Assassin Armor only).
  •  Added +5 Warding to Rank 8 and Rank 8 Second Cast gear (Assassin Armor only).
Note: You can re-add the missing 0.10 Interval with the New "Interval Blessing" for free
Note: Exchange from Jones > Interval and Interval > Jones at Assistant Wang Tsai in ADC West

Server Status

  • NO Avatar Cards
  • NO Starchart items
  • NO G17 Weapons
  • NO Nuema Portals
  • NO Homestead Skills. (Ultimate skills)

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