Update Version 3 (Multi-Core)

Update Version 3


Hello Evolved Community,

As you all know this wasn't an ordinary Update, it was an entire Client switch, so bugs were expected. Luckily it was only minor things and nothing critical.


Reported and Fixed things

  • Fixed Anniversary Bow (Fashion) - will display properly  
  • Fixed Buff Icon quality 
  • Fixed Eternal White Set (Fashion) 
  • Fixed Entering and Exiting Stealth (Animation) 
  • Bank button giving "service unavailable" when attempting first time was adjusted, we'll re-work it completely in the next patch tho.
  • Fixed Blinking buffs when using the new Buff Display 
  • Heaven's Wrath was reverted to its original Status 
  • ΣHeaven's Wrath was reverted to its previous Status 
  • Fixed the overal Speed (APS) buff issue, that didn't allow players reaching their previous max. APS 
  • Removed the Door in Warsong City 
  • Fixed Undiscovered Dungeon Mobs/Bosses not moving 
  • Reverted the Aggro display menu to its original form. You won't need to uncheck it in Optimize menu anymore
  • Skillbars won't reset their position anymore when relogging
  • You will be able to open Bank in all instances now (Missing were: Flowsilver Palace/Undiscovered Dungeon/Eden)
  • Removed Doubled system Messages 
  • Primal Farstrike (Sage and Demon) were fixed
  • Mount riding speed was reverted to its original base 
  • Sorted out certain max. Stacks of items (Perfect Stone) to be as previously 
  • Drunk status was fixed as well as other Stacking Buffs 
  • PVP to PVE button was reduced from 10h to 1h (as previously was the case) 
  • Displaying Event gold or Cubi in Shop was adjusted 
  • Hyper EXP will function again in Frostcovered City 
  • Updated Guild Icons
  • Updated Discord invitation button in game
  • Re-enabled the extra Marshals and Exectors in all Guilds

Added (KNOWN):

  • Coordinations/Flags and their Paths when clicking were fixed
  • You can now add up to 20 Coordinates in your Coordination Menu
  • Random Client crashes for certain players were fixed (A program to track them more properly was added, in case they happen to somebody still)
  • Rubberbanding for which PWI is notorious was re-adjusted in Evolved Style (Fixed)

Added (NEW):

  • Added the Undiscovered Demon to UDC, so people that forgot to take the Quests at West can take it inside 
  • Added Selling/Repair services to all Title NPCs in all Instances they are included
  • Increased the amount of letters in search fashion bar from 10 to 30 
  • Increased the amount of letters in search Cubi/EG shop bar from 10 to 30