Update Version 4 (Multi - Core)

Update V4 - Multi - Core



  • Fixed the issue with Auto-pathing not allowing the players to chat or interact with their inventory
  • Fixed the issue with adding more than 5 coordinates disabling you from chatting
  • Fixed Wind Shield and other Attack speed enhancing Genie skills, that were giving a slightly less increase than its set to be by default
  • Added Guild icons
  • Fixed Bank/Mail services in NW
  • Fixed Reported Fashion bugs
  • Reworked the Bug report, to actually function as intended:

You may now post your issue, and report it directly to us, instead of sending us the log file. All you have to do is fill in the following:

    • Your Name
    • Role Name
    • Email
    • Description of error 
    • Confirming the sending of your details