Update Version 5 (Multi - Core)

Update Version 5 


Individual Client reports

These are fixes, that are done individually, depending on the unique characteristic of somebodies PC (it will apply to everyone having an indentical set up):

  • Fixed Trade Crash
  • Fixed Text concurrency issue
  • Most of the reports were players having the old client (Emails sent to them)



  • Discord link on the client was changed to our Evolved exclusive Link (Generated by Discord)
  • Added a new Quest called Gather: Sigil of Nightbloom that will automatically attach to your character when you have the following requirements met:
    • Lv.90+
    • 35000 Reputation
    • Cultivation: Enlighted One
      • It will let you farm 2x Sigil of Nightbloom (Daily)

Note: This Quest will remain until Homestead is completely rebuild

  • Added Quests from MM Lv.2 to the NPCs in ADC West (To be accessible from World as well)
  • Fixed Jintao Quest chain entirely
  • Added Title forges to Archosaur South at 521 628
  • Fixed Skillbar for some users being "click-through"
  • Added option where you can now Enable/Disable the Zoom IN to NPCs (UI => Settings)
  • Fixed Sending a Linked item and repeating the Message will display the Message now properly and in full length
  • Fixed Eye of Observation Chat notification as well as the Penetration stats
  • Adjusted the Dummy at Card Bosses properly, to not interfere with Auto-cultivation
  • Fixed Reaper form crashing the client for some users (live testing required)
  • Added an NPC (Sacred Cauldron - Revert) to Primal World where you can revert your Primal Books (Mistakenly crafted wrong) to their original mats
  • Fixed Sending items from Boutique to other players
  • Reduced Destroying bind items cooldown from 72 hours to 45 minutes
  • Re-positioned Arigora Button  and increased in size
  • Added various new items to the Arigora Shop 
  • Added new Combat Avatar Fashion to Cubi shop
  • Added Crafting packs containing Elite and Legendary Skills (IX and X) to Cubi and Event Shop
  • Updated Discord link (In game button, Client Window and website) to our exclusive Evolved Link: https://discord.gg/evolved-pwi
  • Added new Title to the Arigora Shop: 
    Arigora Exclusive TitleArigora Exclusive Title
  • Arigora Colosseum changes: 
    • The losing Team will now also get rewarded
    • Flying is disabled in Arigora from now on
    • Proper broadcasting and scheduled messages applied