Update Version 6 (Multi - Core)

Update version 6



  • Added Account Stash Button in Inventory (You may only access it if you have Account stash enabled)
  • Increased stack for Charms from 9.999 to 99.999
  • Increased amount of monsters in Undiscovered Cave
  • Pigments/Inks can be added in Wardrobe
  • Fixed the bugged services from inventory (Refine button will function now properly)
  • Added Dye Clothes and Gear Signature services to Wardrobe window
  • Adjustments were done for Molten Mines (LV.1 and LV.2) as well as Undiscovered Dungeon in terms of certain skills being used, that enabled skipping the door stages (Those skills are prohibited during the run)
  • 3D Color-Names were added to Cubi Shop (Zodiac, Among Us, Rainbow theme and many more)
  • Added Evolved Wardrobe Stone (Event yet to be added for it) - Will extend Wardrobe from 200 to 300
  • Added back the Quick Teleport Icon from Skill > Basics Menu 
  • Arigora Arena was changed as follows:
    • You may participate 5 times per day (With the same character)
    • The Arena being available duration was reduced to 1 hour
    • Arigora will be open every 6 hours (To allow all timezones participating)
  • Deleting a char completely was reduced from 24h to 12h