How to Farm?


- We've added a TW Fix for the bugged lands, requires testing.
- We've changed TW Scheduled time to 3 hours earlier (Requested by all main guilds), requires testing.
- Tier 4 Bow (Nightmare) has 70-140 increased damage and 40% accuracy, requires RECRAFTING (Check "Weapon Stats and Skins" Guide)
- Removed Elemental resistance From "Snowmans"
- Added "Evolved Tournament" NPC (Check out "PvP Tournaments/PvP Token" Guide)
- Added New Evolved Tournament Helmets (class specific/restricted).
- Added "PvP Token" to "Lottery" NPC (Good luck :P).
- The World Boss "Channarong" now drops PvP Tokens, he is moving outside Archosaur City (ADC WEST), no specific Cordination, he is constantly moving.
- Updated Guild Icons.
- Changed snow texture back to grass texture.
- Remove unnecessary World Bosses and fixed all World Bosses that were dropping incorrect/wrong mats.
- Removed TopG and made the other 2 give 15 coins for each instead.
- Added Safe Zone to Village of Shattered Ice
- Added Safe Zone to Town of Arrivals
- Added Safe Zone to Sundown Town
- Added Safe Zone to Starting areas

Server Status

  • EXP Rate 1000x
  • Drop Rate 1000x
  • SP Rate 1000x
  • Gold Rate 1000x

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