Update Version 28 - Halloween Special

Update Version 28 - Halloween Special



Evolved Halloween Special

It's Halloween, Evolved Community!

Halloween - Evolved

Welcome to our Halloween special, that comes with a lot of new things as well as other changes


How to participate?

The Event is split into 2 parts:

  • Invasions - Parades
  • Quests 


Halloween Parade:

Halloween Parade (Invasion) will launch DAILY, in all Main cities (Lost City - Etherblade - Archosaur - Tellus City - City of Plume - Raging Tides - Thousand Stream City and Dreamweaver Port) at:

2:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 18:00 PM (Server time).

Each invasion lasts: 25 Minutes

Mobs will have the chance to drop the following items:

  • Halloween Cookie
  • Pumpkin Seed
  • Jack O' Lantern 
  • Witch's Brew
  • Trick or Treat Bag

Used to craft items at the Trick or Treat NPC in ADC West, which will allow you craft to one of the following items:

  • Weapon Skins / Weapon Fashions (Unique - Halloween special ONLY)
  • Halloween Titles (Unique - Halloween special ONLY)
  • Genies (Unique - Halloween special ONLY)
  • Battle Pet Monkey King New Skin
  • Battle Pet Phoenix/Hercules - New Skin
  • All Class Pets
  • 10 Million Big Note
  • Ultimate Dragon Orb pack
  • Medal of Glory
  • Rank 9 Recast 3 Molds (Halloween Special ONLY)


Halloween Quests

You can also take Quests at Trick or Treat NPC in ADC West in order to kill Halloween Bosses. You will get Teleported into a unique Dungeon via the NPC: Trick or Treat.

The Bosses respawn every: 5 Minutes

Note: It has level ranges, and requires at least 2 characters to be in the same Squad - having the same level range (From X ~ Y)

Level Ranges:

  • LV. 30 ~ LV. 55
  • Lv. 56 ~ Lv.100
  • Lv.101 ~ LV.105


Halloween Weapon Fashion (Version 1)

Halloween Weapon Fashion (Version 2)

Halloween Battle Pets

Halloween Flights

Halloween Genies and Halloween Special Pack

Halloween Company Pets

Halloween Male / Female Set

Halloween Smiles



Other changes

Hello Evolved Community, beside the engine upgrade information below, we would like to point out, that this update was a major change required in order to apply the NEW Classes! It was the base/platform for all the work, that will from now on be applied. The tweaks are so huge and plenty, that mentioning all of them performance, engine and overall effect/game wise would fill up 10 entire patch notes. We have decided to point out below only the few, that we find reasonable to mention, and that might be interesting for the community. To conclude it in one sentence, after this update its a completely different game and from now on it will become a new version of Perfect World itself!


  • Angelica 2.2 (64 bit) engine upgrade

The entire client was updated in order to operate now on 64 bit instead of 32 bit. However, both of the executions were kept in tact, in case of players being stuck to 32bit due to outdated components. The new engine should provide a far more stable, smoother and overall better appealing gaming experience, that will hopefully bring everyone joy.

Note: new rendering might cause some skills to have changed colour

    • Update light reflection

The entire lighting and reflection system was completely overworked and should represent the game in a way more realistic manner. It applies to all objects on all maps of the game affected by light

    • Updated fog

The entire fog system was updated in the sky area and also underwater, for more realistic appearance

    • SSAO turned ON

For a more realistic appearance of the overall ambient, SSAO was turned on and will hopefully provide a great visual experience to everyone

    • Updated Water texture

The water will now be represented a lot more realistic without any white effect in reflection

    • Updated Grass texture

The grass was completely re-worked for a more realistic appeal



  • Action Buttons

We have added 2 new action buttons:

    •  Toggle Charge
    •  Toggle Simple Mode

These 2 new buttons are available in the Skill list menu (Pressing: T) and will have the following functions:

Toggle Charge - Will make you able to either enable or disable the perfect charge cancel on skills, that relay on charging up for their either minimal or full potential of damage dealt. You can place it on your skillbar and enable or disable it at your will, even during combat. Bringing more variation to playstyles for all classes, that contain these type of skills.

Toggle Simple Mode - Is more of an entire system rather than just an action key. It should be mentioned, that it only affects players around you.

It will do the following as for now:

      1. Disable their Fashion model
      2. Disable their Weapon fashion model
      3. Disable their Genie/fairy model
      4. Disable their Flight model
      5. Swap every mount for a standardized Panter mount (The mount has the least FPS impact in the game)

You can use this button whenever you want, it has no restrictions, cooldowns or whatsover to it. You may add it to your skillbar as well and toggle it at any point of the game. We recommend using the simple mode during player clustered situations such as Territory war or Nation wars as well as generally mass PVP orientated situations.

Note: Your skill animation will remain completely intact.


  • Squad Interface

The Squad interface was given a new button: Select All. Which should allow you to select or deselect all class displayed within this menu. For a quicker and more responsive way of finding your target and operating during PVP


  • Territory War Scoreboard

This new feature will display the following stats during Territory War: 

  1. The Crystals Health in percentage (%)
  2. The amount of remaining towers (digit)
  3. The amount of killed players (digit)

Hopefully it will lead towards more control during Territory war for both sides and will provide better operating during all phases in Territory war


  • Server Time Display

The server time will now be displayed above your Chars health bar. It will represent the precise time of the server for better tracking of certain events in combination with our guides on our database. It should help newbies especially within the first months on the server. You may disable it and make it disappear at will.


  • Buff icons

Buff icons, that are above the regular size of buffs, were re-worked to display proper information and provide the player with a precise status


  • Macro (Combo) size

The Macro interface was re-worked to provide the player now with a total of 16 slots, instead of 8 as it was before. The slots are fully functional and work from the left to the right after the row above has ended. 


  • Unique rewards interface

The Unique rewards interface (Golden Chest) was re-worked to display all rewards a player may get at a certain level, previously it couldnt show all of the rewards due to its default small size and limitation in slots


  • Title limit

Titles that where in length at 32+ letters used to be displayed with "...." at the end, hiding the full title name. That was now fixed and will show the entire title properly.


  • Skill reports & fixes

    • ●Roar of the Pride - Stun and disable enemies weapon for 6 seconds
    • ○Roar of the Pride - Stun and disable enemies weapon for 6 seconds
    • ΦRoar of the Pride - No longer disables enemies weapons
    • ΩRoar of the Pride - No longer disables enemies weapons
    • ΨIronheart Blessing Argent - Now uses player max health instead of current health
    • ΨSoothing Pulse Argent - Now uses player max health instead of current health
    • ΨChromatic Healing Beam Argent - Now uses player max health instead of current health
    • ΨStream of Rejuvenation Argent - Now uses player max health instead of current health
    • ΨEarth Vector Ethereal - Stun fix as per your description, will always stun target
    • ΨCrush Vigor Sanguine - Adjust for proper skill behavior
    • ΨCursed Jail Golden - Adjusted damage calculation of skill
    • ΨCursed Jail Verdant - Adjusted damage calculation of skill
    • ΨCursed Jail Ethereal - Adjusted  damage calculation of skill
    • ΨCursed Jail Sanguine - Adjusted damage calculation of skill
    • ΨCursed Jail Argent - Adjusted damage calculation of skill
    • ΨShadow Jump - Will no longer remove invisibility when casting
    • ΨGale Force Argent - Distance fix as per your description
    • ΨEternity - All types of Glyphs - Switch effect Fast Attack with Increase Damage Dodge
    • ΨFrozen Flame Argent - Now applies status Frozen on enemies
    • ΨRelentless Drift Argent - Adjust for proper skill behavior
    • ΨDevour Verdant - Adjust to Never misses
      • Special: All Elf Priest Sanctified skills have now 50% less chance of being canceled while casting


  • Nation Wars

    • Nation Wars can only be entered now individually. Squad entering was disabled. However you may form squads once you are inside


  • Territory War pulling/teleporting
    • From now on, a player that has a catapult linked to himself wont be able to get pulled or teleported by any class skill




  • Added a brand new Rank 9 Recast 4 Weapon (PVP/PVE) called Nirvana Blade. A Seeker restricted sword, that should bring more variety to the class in terms of build. Please leave more suggestions in the suggestion panel regarding weapon build type changes:

  • Adjusted the Reawakened Mold icons to match the Helmets they are being used to craft
  • Added to Veteran Roberts the following potions:
    • Potent Recovery Potion x2
    • Potent Invincibility Potion x2
    • Potent Freedom Potion x2
    • Potent Chi Potion x2

Note: They will be exchanged for Yin Yang Twin Stone at the rate of 2:1 Potion. The potions are untrade-able, undroppable etc.

  • Added Tailor Fang Pei, Blacksmith Tao Jue and Craftsman Wu Min (or any Tailor, BS, Craftsman) to Twilight Temple near the TT Forges
  • Added reported missing Fashion to the Shops
  • Fixed the Firecrag Grotto teleport via Calendar
  • Armored Bear will spawn always at the coordinates 670 617 it can now be tamed without being spam killed due to its Card Boss spot
  • Updated requested Guild icons
  • Updated requested Guild Banners
  • Updated requested custom Titles
  • Book or skill descriptions that were missleading due to displaying the wrong Cultivation required
  • Books from Vyn Ren Trainer can now be reverted back to Pirmordial Blood at Vyn Ren Trainer Revert at ADC West