Update Version 35

Update Version 35


The following things were adjusted:

  • Chaotic Soul > Killing Lord Paradise will auto-complete. You won't need to hand it in at the Reclusive Elder
  • Fixed repeatable Cultivation quests - You can now progress further
  • Update Guild icons
  • Halloween Event was extended from the originally planned 2 weeks to 4 weeks


Because many people have asked us what happened or can't really understand it, here are few information and guidelines regarding your Questlog

Information / Guidance:

  • If you are having a quest re-added to your Quest log from the previous patch BUT you already have its result/reward/outcome (Being able to enter Morai/Primal World/Neverfall...) you can simply ignore it. Re-do it only if you feel bored or if you can't stand the quest being in your Log.
  • If you may find (very rare occurance) a quest, that would downgrade you from your current status (Cultivation, Sky Boundary...) Ignore it/trash it. 
  • Make sure you fill in every bug report menu that pops up properly and send us the information

Note: The Quests NEVER rolled back, because you completed them and hence the rewards are still there in your inventory/titles etc. Its just that some were re-added in order to fix a complicated source code bug. THIS event CAN'T ever repeat, thats very important to understand!