Update Version 46-47 - Valentines Special


Update Version 46-47 - Valentines Special

Welcome to our Evolved Valentine's Special!


How to participate in the Valentine's Special?


  • You must be married
  • You have to be in a squad with your Wife or Husband
  • The Leader will have the Quests displayed to him

All Quests are located at the NPC Valentines Agent in Archosaur West. (Coordinates: 525 663)

The quests are strictly requiring the couple to kill certain Bosses, displayed in the Quests:

Happy Couple VI
  1. Farren Sereneti 
  2. Calcid of the Flame 
  3. Hercule Trioc 
Happy Couple V
  1. Fushma - Hexocelot Lieutenant 
  2. Rankar - Ferocious Ironskin 
  3. Fallen Warmonk
Happy Couple IV
  1. Zimo 
  2. Ofotis 
  3. Qianji
Happy Couple III
  •  Quest :Kill:
  1. Raving Drake Brute 
  2. Gluttonix 
Happy Couple II
  •  Quest :Kill:
  1. Resentful Pyrosteosis
  2. Damned Gaurnob 
  3. Cenequus Polearm 
Happy Couple I
  1. Stygean Quartermaster 
  2. Bloodlusted Loon 
  3. Brigand Transient

New Quest, that requires protecting your loved one while researching the Eiffel Tower. (Event Dungeon)

Rewards for all Quests:

  Valentines Gift

Valentines Agent

The Valentines Agent will reward you with unique and Valentines Special only Weapon FashionsMounts and Flights swhich are designed in a Romantic Theme.

Aside of the Quest you may also get a very unique Skill, that is only useful for Married players!

  • Lover's Connection



Valentine's - Mounts (2021 Event)
Valentine's - Flights (2021 Event)
Valentine's - Weapon Fashion (2021 Event)
Valentine's - Weapon Fashion (2023 Event)
Valentine's Fashion (2023 Event)
Valentine's Genies (2023 Event)



New Engine

This is it. The engine, that will be the final base for the upcoming new classes. We'd like to thank all testers, that participated in fixing all bugs and crashes, which lead to having a more stable engine than the current one running (Hopefully - please make sure to report crashes frequently in case you face any). This will now be the base to finally start adding the new classes. So make sure to stay tuned and wait for the official open Beta for their testing phase.


New Fashion


As promised, we've added OVERALL 65 new Sets (For female and male) - custom fashion. Not for each gender 65, but in total of 65 in the Cubi shop => Fashion => Hot Tab


Other changes

  • Added requested Guild Banners
  • Added requested custom Titles
  • Added requested Guild icons
  • NPCs that would usually spawn in a dungeon causing the player to get stuck, were now made "walk-through" so you won't get stuck anymore
  • Fixed Seekers Third eye (Visual effect)
  • Added the missing SB Animation on certain skills
  • Venomancer and Barbarian Beastforms skins were changed (Valentines special only) - Will be removed after Valentines Special ends