How to Farm?

Server Maintanance

I am sorry to announce that we will keep the server into maintanance for the night untill we fix the problems with the database/rollback, we decided to keep it down so we wont risk another major rollback. Every server has its ups and downs, we are trying our best to fix everything, our server was seriously attacked with continuous DDoS-ing and other type of hacks trying to bring us down because we have a bit of success, but we are still strong, we will keep going as long as we can to show all the envious people that are trying to close us down that we wont give up! We are really sorry for the inconvenience and i can assure you that we are trying our very best to fix this.

Server Status

  • EXP Rate 1000x
  • Drop Rate 1000x
  • SP Rate 1000x
  • Gold Rate 1000x

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