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1) IF you are NEW to the server go to GUIDE.


3) - 12% Channeling and -9% Channeling G17 Wrists can’t be used by Sage Mages. (Other classes can)

4) You can have max. 4 Characters online AT THE SAME TIME!

5) English on WC only!

6) - 18% Channeling and -15% Channeling is FORBIDDEN on Ornaments and G17 Wrists!

7) Don’t forge to visit DISCORD as well as Facebook Page and don’t miss ANY Updates!

Armor Changes:

- No changes.

Ornament Changes:

- No changes.

Weapon Changes:

- No changes.

Important Changes:

- Added PVP Tokens => Evolved Coins and Evolved Coins => PVP Tokens Exchanger to “Evolved Coordinator”.

- The Boss “Titan: Destroyer” (at 332 678) was changed as following:

a. The cooldown is now changed to 24 hours.

b. It has a chance to drop: VIP Ornament Ticket (40% Chance), 5x Mysterious Chips (40% Chance), 15x Super PVP Tokens (20% Chance).

c. It was buffed in all stats.

- The 7 Town Bosses (Check Daily quest “Challenge No.9 for their coordinations) were changed as following:

a. The cooldown is now 12 hours.

b. They will drop 40 Super PVP Tokens.

c. They were buffed in all stats.

- The Daily quest “Challenge No.9”, which requires killing all 7 Town bosses will now reward you (after completing it) with an “Engravement Token”. Only the Squad Leader will get the reward, in order to prevent Alt abusement!

- The event “Santa is coming to Town” has ended. New event was added “Destroyer invading Town!”.

- Added New Dungeon “All Path Dungeon”. This dungeon is a PVP open Dungeon, where you’ll find ALL Path Mobs and ALL Path Bosses (Which re-spawn, mobs - 60 seconds CD, Bosses - 10 minutes). Here you can farm with your friends and squads from different Paths (NPCs to craft the Path items are NOT available in this Dungeon)

- Added “Cube of Fate''. Check The Guide - Basics. The reward after completing all 50 Rooms is a Box that has the chance to drop:

5% - 1x Engravement Token
5% - 1x Epic Crate
5% - 1x Legendary Crate
35% - 25x Super PVP Tokens
50% - 20x Event Tickets

Mysterious Chips (Untradeable) will be used for crafting the UNIQUE and NEW “Cube of Fate Flights”. (Mysterious Chips - ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE CUBE and FROM BOSS - TITAN:DESTROYER)

- Territory war was customized. We’ve placed a TW Boss in the center of the the TW Maps. It will drop 60x TW Fragments” (Untradeable). You can use the “TW Fragments” at the “Territory War Forge” to craft CUSTOM Guild Fashion (More fashion and other items will be added with future patches). Guilds will apply for the Fashion by the Icon thread on Forum (Icon + Name on the Fashion). Fashion colors can be changed.

ONLY REAL GUILDS allowed, ALT Guilds will be ignored!

- Added “Dragonhunt Axes” to “Evolved Weapons” at ADC WEST. (Nostalgic reason)

- Forces of Chaos (Old Tier 5 Pole Axe) was removed from Game. (Outdated)

- Itemmal NPC was re-positioned at City of Plume, because it was preventing people from clicking on the Teleporter NPC.

- G17 Wrists (Fearless Blaze, Vapor Willow, Pressure of Nimbus). Following stats have now slightly increased chances to drop:

- -6% Channelling/-3% Channelling on Arcane Wrists.

- 0.05 Interval on Light and Heavy Wrists.

- Updated Guild icons.

Server Status

  • EXP Rate 1000x
  • Drop Rate 1000x
  • SP Rate 1000x
  • Gold Rate 1000x

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