Update Version 40

Evolved Perfect World International 

Patch Version: 40




Evolved Oracle System


This patch will bring you a whole new Solo Play experience, as we have decided to extend our current Oracle System by adding:

  • Oracle Lv.2 System

This system is based on the previous Oracles, requiring the same Quests to be finished in order to receive: Coins, Experience Points and Spirit Points

Unlike the previous Oracles, which are x2, our new Oracles will reward you the following:

  • Coins x4
  • Experience Points x4
  • Spirit Points x4

And will require a completely new Item called:

  •  Perfect Token of Supreme Luck

How to obtain the Token will be described in the additions below!




Temple of the Dragon

(Oracle Version)

The event is available to players level 30 and above. You can enter the event through any Adventure Assistant or Khatru Pup, which can be found in any major city. The event takes place underwater, and anyone who dies in this event is teleported back to the starting point, a small safe zone platform, with no Exp loss or item drops.

Official Guide: Temple of the Dragon - Guide


You can exit the Dragon Temple by taking the "Leave the Palace" quest from the Dragon Temple Events Agent, located on the starting platform. If you have any Moonwater Keys, you should sell them to the Events Agent or to another player before leaving, since they vanish when you exit the instance. 


  • Temple of the Dragon Treasure Chests will have a chance to reward you with a  Perfect Token of Supreme Luck 

Which is used for the New Oracles Lv.2 

The Automated Event will occure in the following Schedule:

  • Tuesday: 08:00 - 12:00 PM Server time



Twilight Temple

(Oracle version)

Twilight Temple has now a Leveling mechanic added to it. It's closely linked to the New Oracles Lv.2 and will work as follows:

  • The main Reward of Twilight Temple:  Twilight Essence

Which was added in one of the previous Patches (For more information click: Here) will now be used  to also craft 2 completely new Items:

  •  Perfect Token of Supreme Luck 
  • Coins Chest (contains: 1.000.000 coins)

Available at the Twilight Forge: Materials




City of Abomination

(Oracle Version)

When it opens players have 10 minutes to enter via. the Adventure Assistant or Khatru Pup, and the entry fee is 20k. There is a limit to how many people can enter, like Dragon Temple, and only level 50+ are able to enter. It is not a PK instance however, and there are four different instances (all of which have identical mobs/rooms). Those instances are Phoenix, Tiger, Dragon, and Tortoise. If you die in the instance you are revived in the same instance at a random corner. If you disconnect, you're kicked out without a refund.

For more information of the Event, you can check out the official Guide: City of Abomiantion - Guide


The mobs drop Astral Orbs, which you can trade for prizes.

The Astral Orbs can be used in order to craft the following items (Beside the retail ones):

  •  Perfect Token of Supreme Luck 
  • Coins Chest (contains: 1.000.000 coins)


At the Dark Messenger inside the Dungeon

The Dungeon will start at the following schedule:

  • Wednesday: 08:50 PM - 09:00 PM


Oracle Mobs


The Mobs required in order to finish your Oracle Quests were increased by x2 in amounts in their original Areas, as a little addition to the content added by the Patch V40. So everyone will be able to finish Both:

  • Oracles (Retail)
  • Oracles Lv.2 (New)



Cube of Fate

(Oracle version)


We have decided to Change Cube of Fates rewarding at the finish of Room 50. Beside the retail Rewards (Which will still be available), players will be able to obtain now:

  •  Perfect Token of Supreme Luck x12

Used in order to Craft the New Oracles (Lv.2)



Bounty Hunter

(Evolved Version)

We have checked all the suggestions regarding World Bosses, their potential as well as old Dungeons and decided to re-introduce them in our own way!

Welcome to the Evolved Version of the beloved: Head Hunter (Dailies) => Evolved Bounty Hunter


The new NPC is called:

  • Evolved Bounty Hunter

The new NPC is available at all places, where you would find the original Head Hunter NPC

Evolved Bounty Hunter:

The new Quest chain is very similar, to the original Head Hunter Chain Quest. It's function and rewards are quite unique and will combine the following things:

1. World Bosses | Mini Bosses | Chrono World Bosses

2. All Dungeons from (Cave 19 ~ Cave 99)


How to access the Quests?

This a Quest Chain, that will benefit ALL players, regardless of their progression. You may be able to participate in the Dailies whether you are Level 30 or Level 105.

by talking to the new Evolved Bounty Hunter NPC.


How to finish the Quests?

We have customised all Dungeons:

  • FB 19 - FB 99

Which will relive the old Dungeons, and make them useful to ALL players.  These Dungeons will auto-attach their individual Quests (ONLY available within these particular Dungeons) as soon as you enter them, which will require from you to kill a Boss.

Usually the final Boss of the Dungeon. Once you killed that Boss it will RANDOMLY pick 1 of the following Bosses:

  • World Boss (available in the main World)
  • Mini Boss (Available in the main World)
  • Chrono World Bosses (available in Chrono World)

Once the previous Quest has chosen one of the Bosses listed above, you will have to Slay them! 


How to get rewarded?

Once you have killed a World Boss | Mini Boss or Chrono World Boss there is a chance, that you will be rewarded with one of the following:

  •  Evolved Lv.1 Bounty Order

  •  Evolved Lv.2 Bounty Order

  •  Evolved Lv.3 Bounty Order

These Orders will make the actual Bounty Hunter Quests available at the Evolved Bounty Hunter NPC. 


What are the Quests rewarding?

All Quests (Head Hunter I, II, III) are ehanced by x2 in original Rewards. Aside of that, every Quest will reward you with a certain amount of Event Gold (100% drop), depending on the level required to finish the Quest.

The highest Level Quest will reward you with 5 Event Gold, and a chance to obtain another 2 Event Gold based on a randomised system.

(Opportunity to obtain 7 Event Gold in total:Head Hunter I (Lv.:100+) )




Evolved Titles

(Part II)


You have had all a preview of the new titles, that were added recently. You may now be able to obtain the titles in the following Forges:

  • Legendary Titles:

All required Weapons and Armor parts are listed in the Forge


  • Lunar Glade Titles:

All required Weapons and Armor parts are listed in the Forge




Evolved Titles

(Part III)


The 3rd and for quite a while the last Part of our customised Title Quests will be the Warsoul Weapon Title!

You may obtain the Titles at the following Forge:

  • Warsoul Spirit

You will require the Warsoul Weapons forged at the Warsoul Vessel Forge in ADC Middle:

(548 675 Coordinates)



Molten Mines Lv.2

Welcome to the extension of our unique and self created Dungeon: Molten Mines (Lv.1)

Click on the link, if you need a reminder of the Molten Mines Lv.1 Guide


The Map:


How to enter?

You will enter Molten Mines LV.2 after you have finished Molten Mines Lv.1. You may decide to NOT Proceed, the decision will be completely yours.

Restrictions are therefor identical to Molten Mines Lv.1:

  • Minimum 5 players
  • Minimum Lv.90+



How does it work?

Molten Mines LV.2 will have the following rewarding Mechanics:

  • The Quest you will take from the Old Elite Dwarf Knight: at the entrance of the dungeon
  • Bosses and Mobs having a certain chance to drop Molten Mines Lv.2 Items
  • The Bounty auto-attached Quest at the Entrance

The Quests:

1. Clear the Molten Mines LV.2

Will require from you to kill all Mobs, that are wandering the Molten Mines.


  • 2x Molten Box


2. The King and Queens 

Will require killing the 2 Queens and the King (The final 3 Bosses in Molten Lv.2)


  • 7.5 Event Gold


3. Kill the Evil Dwarf Lords

Will reward you with 1 of the following Badges:

  • Legion Commander Badge
  • Army Captain Badge
  • Army Ranger Badge
  • Executioner Badge
  • Swordmaster Badge
  • Master of Mechanics Badge
  • Master of Engineer Badge



4. Bounty Quest

Identical to the Evolved Bounty Hunter mechanic, will automatically attach a Quest, that once completing Molten Mines Lv.2 will redirect you to one of the World Bosses, which will then have a certain chance to reward you with 1 of the following:

  • Incantation Spellbook
  • Epic Incantation Spellbook
  • Legendary Incantation Spellbook



The Boss and Mob Drops:

1. Dwarf King


  • Crown of the King (1% chance)
  • Blacksmith Hammer (0.8% chance)
  • Mysterious Dwarf Potion (5% Chance)
  • Dwarf Armor Fragment (93.2% Chance)

2. Dwarf Queen


  • Crown of the Queen (1% chance)
  • Blacksmith Hammer (0.8% chance)
  • Mysterious Dwarf Potion (5% Chance)
  • Dwarf Armor Fragment (93.2% Chance)

All items are very rare and required in order to Upgrade your Crown of Madness and Wings of Ascension to their Armageddon versions!


3. Other Bosses:


  • Dwarf Armor Fragments (95% Chance)
  • Mysterious Dwarf Potion (5% Chance)


4. Mobs:


  • Dwarf Armor Fragments 
  • Soldier Letter's #1
  • Soldier Letter's #2
  • Soldier Letter's #3



What can you obtain in Molten Mines LV.2?

The items you may obtain in Molten Mines Lv.2 are the following:

  • Crown of Armageddon
  • Wings of Armageddon 
  • Copper Molten Box
  • Silver Molten Box
  • Gold Molten Box
  • Mysterious Sack of Gems
  • Feral Soul Stars 

All items have their rewards written on the item. A quick preview of all rewards:

  • Copper Molten Box

  • Silver Molten Box

  • Gold Molten Box

  • Mysterious Sack of Gems



Guild Positions

(Increased Numbers: Marshal)


We have extended the numbers of Marshals in a guild from 4 to 8. In case our community demands increasing this number further more, please contact one of the Admins of Evolved PWI and elaborate on your suggestion/opinion



New Host

(US - 2)

Due to another recent increase in our community members, which motivates us even more to work harder than before, if that's anyhow possible. We decided to add another Host for the US community and will work towards adding more Hosts depending on the feedback we get by our players.

This Patch will contain another very stable, very strong and overall performance proven Host from the US region in form of:

  • US - 2 

Listed in the Host selection screen. For everyone, that isn't aware of how Hosts work in the PW scene, it's not like in other games where you log in to different communities, its different entries for the SAME community. So don't worry, you will meet everyone in game you have met before just that your ping, performance and overall experience will be a LOT better.



Guild Icons


All Guild icons, that were sent to the Admins of Evolved PWI in the last couple of weeks were properly updated. If your guild is knew and fulfills the requirements to obtain an Icon, please check out the Discord channel #Guild-icons for more information about the requirements and restrictions and contact and Admin in case you want to add an unique Icon to your guild or change the current one to a more updated version.



Mail Box

(Letter count)

  • Increased the amount of letters when writing mail from 200 to 1000

Before the change:


After the change:




Warsong City

(Vile: The Incacerate)

In order to boost the participation in Warsong City, even for players that already obtained their Rank 9 Recast 3 gear, we have decided to add a little Auto-attach Quest, That will automatically attach to your character when entering the Dungeon.

How does it work?

The Quest will require from you to kill: Vile: The Incacerate (The final Boss)

What's the reward?

You can do this Quest 3 times per day and it will reward you with:

  • 1x  Event Gold

Total: 3x  Event Gold (Daily)

Note: Your Event gold is being added directly to your Event Shop, you won't receive no item




Rank 9 - 4th Cast

(Re: Roll)

After many requests, we have decided to add a re-roll option to all New Rank 9 - 4th Cast weapons, that were added with a recent Update. The weapons, that can now be re-rolled are shown above in the picture. 

Hope you will enjoy this method.



Warsoul Spirit - Forge


The text on the Warsoul Spirit NPC was adjusted so players are better informed, unlike in it's original form, made by PWI.







We have updated the Calendar in game, displayed right under your mini map:

We have updated all Events and Dungeons we have ever customised or in any form changed, so please give it a Check!

We also added our personal creation, only available on Evolved PWI: 

Molten Mines LV.1 

Molten Mines LV.2