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Dungeon: Molten Mines Lv.1

Molten Mines



To gain access to the Molten Mines you will have to talk to Elder: Events Giver at Archosaur West District (529 663).  You must have at least 6 members of Lv.100 or higher in your Squad, else the Quest will not be displayed at the NPC!

You will see the following Quest dislayed to you:

  • Molten Mines Lv. 100+


Squad Compositions (Recommended):

The squad's composition should have a tank, a healer, a debuffer and damager dealers. Make sure you have at least 6 players to enter successfully, without making the Quest vanish.

Recommended Constalation (With 6+ players)

  1. A healer - Preferably a Cleric, but a Mystic can work too. They can be assigned to assist other players by keeping them alive.
  2. A Venomancer - For debuffs.
  3. A Blademaster - For debuffs and back-up tanking. 
  4. A Barbarian - For tanking. They can be assigned to Elemental damage or to assist others.
  5. Two damage dealers - They can be any class. Most preferably Assassins - Duskblades - Archer
Note: The Squad composition is only a recommendation not a mandatory. You may create your Squad by your own beliefs!


The Map:

The Dungeon is structured as shown on the Picture bellow. The digits represent the Bosses locations

(Molten Mines: Lv. 100+)

If you are on Lv.100+ you will be entering the Following version:

The Digits from 1 - 8 are assigned to the Bosses that you will ecounter



Items that can be obtained:

New Tomes:

  • Sacred Compendium
  • Codex Oblivia
  • Cosmic Atlas

Can be crafted by using Materials obtained by the Molten Mines Quest.

Each of These Tomes Require Evolved Epitome x10, StarDust x100, Papyrus x50 , Scroll of Tome x1 (There are 3 Tomes)


New Ultimate Tome 

Can be Obtained by Crafting using the previous Tomes.

This Tome Reuires Sacred Compendium x1, Codex Oblivia x1, Cosmic Atlas x1 ,Emperor x1, Evolved Epitome x25, StarDust x200, Papyrus x150

The Necronimicon Tome is a very special tome:

This tome is one of a kind, and the first Tome in Perfect World history with a Buff attached to it! This Buff will not interferer with your Weapon Buff, it will function as an additional mechanic to your Character. 

Note: The listed effect doesn't apply to Hierograms (HP charms) and their cooldown or anything related to them. The Health Charms mentioned in the description are referring to Health Potions!


New Titles

New Titles Can be Obtained from the "Goblin Miner" NPC inside the Dungeon. These Titles will provide different stats according to the set.


Can be crafted by using Materials obtained by the Molten Mines Quest.

  • Each of the Disciple Set Title Requires One Specific Insignia.
  • Each of the Noble Set Title Requires 3 Specific Insignia.
  • Each of the GrandMaster Set Title Requires 5 Specific Insignia(Except the Living Madness Title Which Requires Insignia: Cthulhu x10,Insignia: Gol-Goroth x5, Insignia: Atlach-Nacha x5, Insignia: Juk-Shabb x5)


The Titles:

  • Disciple set:


  • Noble Set

  • Grandmaster Set



Molten Box

Can give one of the following Items upon Opening:

      • Supply Tokens
      • Wraith Officer's Badge
      • Ten Million Big Note
      • Dragon Orb 5 Star
      • Dragon Orb 6 Star
      • Dragon Orb 7 Star
      • Dragon Orb 8 Star
      • Dragon Orb 9 Star
      • Ultimate Dragon Orb Pack
      • Event Silver
      • Event Gold
      • Accessory Socket Stone
      • Feral Soul Star
Note: all items can be crafted at the Gobline Miner at the Entrance of Molten Mines


How to farm Molten Mines:


Once your Squad of 6 was teleported from Archosaur West into Molten mines, you will have to take the Daily Quests at the Goblin Miner.

Goblin Miner is located at the Entrance of the Dungeon.


The Daily Quests:

  • The Three Brothers

Objective: Kill Three Bosses Reflection:

      • Cthulhu
      • Reflection: Kthanid
      • Reflection: Hastur

Reward: 5.5 Event Gold


  • Kill the Insignia Bosses

Objective: Kill All the Bosses in Molten Mines one after another.

Reward 2: Deep sea Crate x1, Molten Box x1

Reward 1: 50x Soldier's Pay


  • Clear the Mine

Objective: Kill Fiery BloodThirster x110

Reward Molten Box, 50x Soldier's Pay


  • Mobs in Molten Mines

Objective: kill the Mob

Reward: Molten Fragment


  • Bosses in Molten Mines

Objective: Kill the Boss

Reward : has a chance to drop either:

    • Molten Fragment
    • Deep Sea Crate
    • Cosmic Key



Items - Obtaining - Rarity:

  • 7 Different Insignias (Insignia: Cthulhu , Insignia: Vulthoom, Insignia: Nug and Yeb, Insignia: Yig, Insignia: Gol-Goroth, Insignia: Atlach-Nacha, Insignia: Juk-Shabb)

Can be Obtained by Opening "Deep Sea Crate"


  • StarDust - Common Item.

Used to Craft Various Tomes.

Can be Obtained by Exchanging Basic Badge.


  • Evolved Epitome - Rare Item.

Used to Craft Various Tomes.

Can be Obtained by Exchanging Supply Tokens.


  • Papyrus - Rare Item.

Used to Craft Various Tomes.

Can be Obtained by Event Boutique


  • Cosmic Key - Legendary Item.

It is Used to Craft "Deep Sea Chest"

Can be Obtained by Killing Boss.


  • Deep Sea Crate - Legendary Item

Contains all the Insignias for Crafting Titles(Titles With Stats).


  • Sealed Deep Sea Chest - Legendary Item.

It is Used to Craft "Deep Sea Chest"





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