Evolved PWI 1.5.7 Expansion

Evolved PWI 1.5.7:

Hello Evolved Community,

It may have took a while, but we can assure you, that the quality we will provide, especially in terms of the code, functionality and optimization will surpass the official content. You may not see the small details, and graphical optimizations, the polished methods to execute certain skills and the fluent progression combined with the multi-core engine, but it certain took its time.

The length of the Patch Notes will speak for itself. Lets not waste any time and jump right into it.


Patch Version 17.0.0

Western Steppes - Continent

Neverfall will introduce an entire continent to explore, displayed below:

Within the Western Steppes you will find the following key additions, which are completely new:

  • Chaotic Soul and Celestial Saint (Cultivations)
  • Sanctified Skills
  • Icebound Underworld
  • Glyph System

We will try to break down each of the key points individually, before we progress to the actual patch Notes.

Note: We have made our own progression curve within these key points, due to removal of unnecessary additions like new boundaries, endless story quest lines and so on.


Neverfall - Entrance

In order to access the new continent, you will need to be at least Sky Mirage I and Level 100+ as well as Reawakened twice. These conditions will lead to having a pop up quest:

  • Talk to the Elder of the Streams in City of a Thousand Streams (130 858).

From there you should be able to progress until you receive the Neverfall Ticket. Once you unlock this Area, it will be available for you within the World Teleport menu and accessible via Perfect Teleport Stone and co.

Evolved Guide: Entering Neverfall

You will also find 3 New daily quests in Neverfall:

  • The Darkness of Magnier
  • Flame of Vengeance
  • Reborn In Fire Added

You will also find 1 New weekely quest in Neverfall:

  • Soul Purification


Chaotic Soul

In order to progress in your Cultivation, you will require either Celestial Demon or Celestial Sage, you must also be in Western Steppes. Once you met these conditions, the Chaotic Soul quest Chain will pop up and will let you progress.

This Cultivation will reveal the first Sanctified Skills, a combination of Demon and Sage powers!

These skills are important for the Glyph System, but more about that within the Sanctified section of the Patch Notes.

The Chaotic Soul Cultivation chain was turned more compact and won't require any endless Storyline Questchain but will still reward you with the equal amount of  Neverfall Squire's Badges that you would receive by doing the extremely long Story Questchain.

Evolved Guide: Chaotic Soul Guide

Requirements: Rebirth 2, Celestial Demon/Sage, Shifting Sky 1


Celestial Saint

The last cultivation, which will unlock all your powers in form of Sanctified Skills is called: Celestial Saint. Its the Cultivation chain, that will follow Chaotic Soul and will require the cultivation status: Chaotic Soul. You will progress within the parameters of the Cultivation in Western Steppes.

This cultivation is also shortened and won't require any side Quests, to unlock certain areas or unnecessary Questing just to get the same result.

This cultivation chain will reveal all Sanctified skills and will reward you once again with a proper amount of:  Neverfall Squire's Badges

Evolved Guide: Celestial Saint Guide

Requirements: Rebirth 2, Chaotic Soul, Shifting Sky X


Sanctified Skills

These skills are of crucial importance for the Glyph system, which will allow you forging your own unique playstyle, by adding various unlock-able options to your skills using Glyph stones. 

Not all skills can be glyphed. Only the Sanctified skill versions of every classes skill can have Glyph stones imbued. In order to unlock Sanctified Skills, you must enhance your cultivation status to least Chaotic Soul or Celestial Saint. These cultivations will reveal the new skills. In order to learn them you must farm: Sanctified Tome I-X items which are available at Royal Knight Hector NPC: availble in Nervefall (Western Steppes).

Use your Neverfall Squire's Badges to craft Sanctified Tomes. 


Glyph System

The Glyph system is our main addition, which this patch is based on. 

It will unlock various features for your skills, which can be modified by adding different Glyph stones into the Glyph slot of your Sanctified skill. Different Glyph Stones will cause different changes to your skills. It will introduce a completely new way of playing each known class and grant unique possibilities to the user.

You may access the Glyph menu from your Skill menu, clicking on the Glyph tab icon at the side. In order to operate on the Glyph menu your Character must meet the following requirements:

  • Chaotic Soul (Partial access)
  • Celestial Saint (Full access)
  • Sanctified Skills 
  • Unlocked Glyph Slots
  • Glyph Stones (Lv.1 - Lv.10)

You may check out the detailed Glyph System Guide, under the following link: Glyph System - Guide

In order to unlock the Glyph slots, you may want to talk to the Glyph Master in Western Steppes (Neverfall). By doing 6 quests, you will be granted Stones, that when drag over your slots will unlock that Glyph slot. 


Icebound Underworld

Icebound Underworld is a completely new Dungeon, that was added on our server. This dungeon will be the main spot for obtaining Glyph Stones.

You may access it at Archosaur West, by talking to the Guardian of the Underworld at ADC West: 528 661

Unlike the boring official version, our Icebound underworld is based on 2 modes:

  • Solo Mode
  • Squad Mode

The Solo mode can be done until your earning time runs out for that day - Unlimited access.

The Squad mode can be done 10 times per day - Limited access

Solo mode will reward you with:

  • Glyph Pack - Random (You get 1 out of 5 randomly)

Squad mode will reward you with:

  • Glyph Pack - Random (You get 1 out of 5 randomly)
  • Glyph Pack - Choose (You pick which Glyph stone you prefer to obtain)

The solo mode will reward you depending on how many Bosses you manage to kill within the time period: 999s.

Requirements: Rebirth 2 and level 100+, Shifting Sky 1


Glyph Stones

Unlike the official game, our Glyph Stones CAN'T be purchased in any shop with real money, you MUST farm them. 

However, all Glyph stones regardless of their level has the status: Trade-able. Even the level 10 versions!

How to farm Glyph Stones?

Here are the main methods and access points for Glyph stones:

  • Icebound Underworld - Main Dungeon for Glyph stones

Additional sources:

  • Flowsilver Palace - Silvery Flow (Daily Quest)
  • Undiscovered Dungeon - Expert Killer (Daily Quest)
  • Molten Mines Lv.1 - The Three Brothers (Daily Quest)
  • Molten Mines Lv.2 - The King and Queens (Daily Quest)
  • Uncharted Paradise - Lord of Paradise (Daily Quest-Chain)
  • Archosaur Invasion - Each Quest (Weekly Quest-Chain)
  • Celestial Tigers - Each Quest (Weekly Quest-Chain)
  • Faction Trials
  • Sunset Valley 
  • Endless Universe - An Unexpected Gift (Daily Quest)
  • Heavenfall Temple (Room: 81)
  • Transmuation System (Recycle old items for New)

These are all methods, that will provide you with Glyph Stone Packs, which will reward you usually with a Glyph Stone Lv.1


Homestead Skills

This patch will introduce to Evolved PWI: Homestead skills

We have added them our way, and made them part of the Primal skill addition. You will need Primordial Blood and Barbaric Blood.

You may craft all Homestead skills (as well as Ultimate Skills Lv.1 and Lv.2) at the new NPC: Vyn Ren, the Trainer available in ADC West: 522 659

He is also available in Primal World, near the Sacred Cauldron NPC.
These skills will cost Primordial Blood and Barbaric blood instead of the original items from Homestead.

Note 1: For a more efficient Blood farming, Royal Knight Hector will reward you with Primordial and Barbaric Blood in exchange for Neverfall Squire's Badges!

Note 2: You need Subsiding Dirt in order to cast the Ultimate Skills


Transmutation System

The transmutation system was re-worked to function as a recycling system for overfarmed mats.

The Transmutation system will introduce 2 new items:

  • Evolved Pet Cage (Extends your Pet menu by 2 new Tabs - 20 new slots)
  • Evolved Account Stash (Extends your account stash by additional slots)

You will be able to drag items, you may not need anymore into the Transmutation System. These items will individually add points to the menu, when you reached a certain score it will allow you to roll for a new item, that may have bigger rarity of all the items previously consumed.

We have included items dropped from all endgame Dungeons (Molten Mines, Undiscovered Dungeon...) which will increase the runs and squad formations for all these Dungeons, even by players that already have their items maxed out.

You may also obtain a Glyph pack if you are lucky!

The functionality is similar to the official version, the items are different. For more information, check out the official Guide:

Transmutation Guide

Access the menu from Transmutation Master Xolo in south Archosaur - 555, 625




Enemy Skills

You can now preview the upcoming/casted skills of your enemys. This sytem is introduced to Perfect World for the first time, and will in combination with the Glyph system completely change the experience you make during combat!

This video is a presentation of what it looks like during a Character selection.


Mining visual

We've changed the visual representation of digging mines as shown below:

This feature is mostly just for aesthetic purposes and will grant no actual benefit.


Treasure System

The Treasure system was re-worked and adapted to our standards, it will contain various mats already known by all our packs and over time maybe introduce new items.

Unlike the official game, we have decided to keep both:

  • Packs in both shops - Event Shop/Cubi Shop
  • Treasure System - Keys available in Event Shop/Cubi Shop

Compared to the official game, you may use the Treasure system with Event Gold, as the Keys required for a spin will be available in Event Shop too!

Both of these system for your lucky draw will be available in both shops. You wanted more use for your Event Gold? We have got the perfect system for you.

Access the Treasure system via the Treasure icon under the mini map. Special feature, you may obtain a special Genie from the Treasure system and only the Treasure system:

Attention: The official Loot table for the following Months will be available soon, and will get continuesly updated with every upcoming patch.

For more information check out the: Treasure Guide


Evolved PWI:

Ragnarok Event

The yearly Event: Ragnarok is back!

Make sure you obtain these very rare Weapon fashion and other goods that come along with Ragnarok.


How to participate?

There will be 2 ways to obtain all necessary items:

  • Invasions scheduled as follows: 02:00 AM - 10:00 AM - 18:00 PM
  • Quests available at the NPC Ygdrassil at Archosaur West
      • Kill 3 Bosses (Depending on your level)
      • Jormungandr' Event (Kill Jormungadr' in the Event Dungeon) - Squad of min. 2 members required
      • Kill Fenrir (Invasion Mobs)

In order to teleport into the Ragnarok Dungeon use the NPC: Ygdrassil at Archosaur West.

>>Weapon Fashion (Preview) <<



Questing Experience

We have changed the Questing experience with a brand new Questing Menu, that will pop up whenever doing Main Quests and Cultivation Quests.

Its purely a visual feature, but will grant an unforgivable experience and bring fresh air into the game.


Batch Crafting

You may now select the amount of items you'd want to craft from your desired type as shown below:

This system will enable more comfort and overall a better, quicker and fluent experience when crafting items at an NPC.

The idea behind the system is to grant you flexibility and comfort, but also reduce the various newly added bulk versions of 1 and the same item, that will also cause the NPCs to become very over-viewable, more clean and compact.

Territory War - Season 5

Territory War - Season 4 has ended the most dominant guilds were

  • 1st Place: Enemy
  • 2nd Place: Vendetta
  • 3rd Place: Unity

All accumulated rewards per controlled land will be send in form of Cubi to the Leaders of the winner Guilds, congrats and thanks for participating!

Territory War - Season 5 has officially started and we wish you all the best of luck to conquer the map on Evolved PWI! For more information regarding the rewards open your Map and click on the Territory War button, all necessary information are listed on the left.



Changes - Features

It may happen, that some additions or changes could be updated after release to the Notes, because as you can see, the notes are extremely big. We have, beside the features and changes above, also made the following changes - additions and features:

  • Jaden Ornaments will now have a (2) Bonus of: +10 DEF level (Combinations between physical defense and magical defense ornaments is possible)
  • Rank 9 Fourth Cast will now, on the (4) Bonus give: +35 DEF (Used to be: +25)
  • Available new Engraving at Royal Knight Hector (Western Steppes)
  • Some skills got revert from their previous Homestead edit to default, in order to give Homestead skills their value
  • Dungeon Menus (Evolved Calendar) were updated to display new Dungeons and rewards (Glyphs)
  • Twilight Temple - All modes will now be Solo Modes
  • Twilight Temple - Solo mode was re-named to Single I Mode
  • Twilight Temple - Squad mode was re-named to Single II Mode
  • New items available at Royal Knight Hectore - Enhancing flying speed when drag over your flight (Temporary)
  • Skillsender was completely re-worked and will work now for all classes, Stormbringer including on their move-able (casting) skills
  • Trade Bug was fixed (Requires live testing)
  • Bug report menu was re-worked and will re-direct your reports now more efficiently to us, making it easier for us to fix all bugs you may encounter
  • Banners will always be shown bright by 100%
  • Swimming Bug was fixed (Requires live testing)
  • Added new Banners - Requested
  • Added Custom Titles - Requested
  • Added Guild Icons - Requested
  • Removed unnecessary Chunks of items in the NPCs - Batch crafting was introduced
  • Meditating will now restore Chi
  • Fixed Uncharted Paradise entrance -  You will now have to individually take the teleporting quest into the Dungeon, while being in a squad. In case you don't teleport - swapping the previous player for a new player will be fairly easy. If you disconnect/afk or just disappear, you may be replaced with a new player very easily. This should solve the issues Uncharted Paradise teleporting has caused so far.
  • New Designed Cubi shop
  • Mystic (Class) Pets will now be spawned with 100% Health instead of 50% as before
  • Archer Range damage reduction penalty was removed. You will inflict same damage regardless of your distance
  • New Animation for frozen Debuffs and skills causing Frozen debuff
  • Added new icons for DEF level decrease, DEF level increase, ATK level decrease and ATK level increase in order to make a clear distinction between these buffs and debuffs
  • Update Client window to display our new version: 1.5.7
  • More detailed explanation of Skillsender Button and co.
  • Skillsender, Disable Auto-Attack etc buttons were re-done
  • Morai Skill cost was reduced by tripple the amount. As follows:
    • Skills costing 675 Influence will cost now 225
    • Skills costing 338/337 Influence will cost now 113/114
  • Added PVP or PVE Status Icon, to distinct properly players, that are in PVP Mode and Players that are in PVE mode due to various options for different colornames, that might have caused previously confusion of the players status:
    • Sword icon = PVP Mode
    • Shield icon = PVE Mode
  • Embrace CHI gain was increased - Let the server cuddle
  • Warsong City Bridge was fixed now, you won't fall through the bridge at its usual spot, known for years.
  • New passives were added:
    • Sacred Codex: Cosmic Blessing
    • Sacred Codex: Ward Bane
      • Both were added to Sacred Cauldron and will cost Primordial Blood and Barbaric Blood
  • Primordial Blood and Barbaric Bloods can be crafted now at Royal Knight Hector in Neverfall for Neverfall Squire's Badges in order to increase the overall obtaining of Bloods.
  • Genies can now infuse the Spirit and skip the annoying process of getting levels up per 5 levels. As shown below:

Step 1:

Step 2:

To the R8RR Helmets using the Dustfall Artifact from Treasure System which will compliment the currently existing R8RR set by adding a (5) bonus giving: +15 DEF level

  • Conversion system (Celestial Schism & Supreme Celestial Schism) will now require: Celestial Saint in order to be used
  • The latest Colornames were adjusted, for a better visual appeal
  • Territory War (PvE) got now stronger/boosted:
    • Mobs
    • Boss