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Treasure System

Treasure System



The Treasure System is a system that is similar to opening chance packs. It has its own unique interface accessible through the Treasure System window. You can access the Treasure System Window by clicking the the Treasure Key icon around the minimap to the top-right of the screen to open the Treasure System Window, and then clicking on 

The Treasure System has a unique loot table that rotates regularly and allows more control over what items the player can possibly win. Using the Treasure System requires the use of Lucky Keys. The player can get these by purchasing r Lucky Keys from the Cubi or Event Shop.


Seeking Treasures

Using Keys

The player can mainly seek treasures by clicking on the Seek Treasures: 2 Keys button. This will consume 2 Lucky Keys. 10 chests will be displayed in the middle of the interface, with a list of potential prizes on the left side of the window. The first chest that the player opens is free, but opening further chests in the same round will cost more Lucky Keys. The amount of Lucky Keys required to open chests is displayed at the top-right corner of the window, while the amount of Lucky Keys the player has is displayed at the bottom-left corner of the window.

If the player does not receive the desired item from seeking treasures, they can try spending additional Lucky Keys to open more chests without resetting them. The amount of keys required gradually increases and can become rather costly. The player can refresh the chests and potential items in them by clicking the Seek Treasures: 2 Keys button again to start over.

Chests Opened

Additional Keys Required






















Using Aurum

While the player is seeking treasure using Lucky Keys, they will gain 1 Aurum for each time they seek a treasure. The amount of Aurum the player has can be seen at the top left corner of the window. Seeking treasures using Aurum costs 20 Aurum and 2 Lucky Keys, meaning that the player must seek treasures 20 times with just Lucky Keys. Seeking with Aurum allows the player to choose 2 chests without spending extra Lucky Keys instead of 1.

To seek treasures using Aurum, click the Seek Treasures: Aurum button in the Treasure System interface.


Bulk Seeking

The Bulk Seeking Treasure button allows the player to seek treasures automatically until a specific prize shows up in the prize list. Before being able to bulk seek treasure the player must configure it in the Treasure Setting window. This window has a list of the drop table with checkboxes to the right of each item, so that the player can choose which items the bulk seeking should stop on. The animations can also be turned off from this menu to make seeking treasure quicker. The player can also choose how many Lucky Keys will be consumed in the Batch Open x Times textbox. The amount must be higher than 0 for it to work.


Treasure Warehouse

The Treasure Warehouse is where all prizes won are temporarily stored. The player can technically keep their prizes in this warehouse to remove at a later time but they cannot insert other items into the warehouse. The warehouse does not have a maximum storage limit, and will continue to expand as more items are stored in it. To remove items from the warehouse, right-click each item and it will appear in the player's inventory, if they have space. Note that while items are automatically stacked in the warehouse, they will not always come out stacked in the player's inventory as some items do not naturally stack.


Bonus Event

On occasion, there may be a bonus event (also known as Bonus Floor) active in the Treasure System which can be seen to the right of the interface. A counter will appear that tracks the amount of chests players open across their server through the treasure interface. The player that opens the final chest of the counter will win a rare item which is shown at the top of the counter. When an item is won a new one will take its place at random and the counter will reset to 0.

Below is a list of possible prizes that can currently be won from the bonus event while it is active. The prize list is periodically changed, similar to the loot table. - Currently disabled


# of Chests Opened

Diamond of Dragon Pack


 Diamond of Tiger Pack



Loot Table

The loot table in the Treasure System can be accessed by clicking the Treasure Setting button. While it does not list approximate chances for items to show up when seeking treasures it lists all items that can be possibly won. This loot table changes regularly to include new items, mountsflyersfashion and more. Many items can only be obtained through the Treasure System or from purchasing from other players.


Current Loot Table (2023)

Below is the current loot table available in the game, along with the approximate chances of each item appearing when seeking treasures. Note that the chances listed below are the probability of the item appearing in one of the spaces in the list when seeking treasures, and not the probability of the player getting the item when clicking on a chest:





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