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Icebound Underworld - Guide

Icebound Underworld

(Glyph Farming)

Icebound Underworld is a completely new Dungeon, that was added on our server. This dungeon will be the main spot for obtaining Glyph Stones.

How to enter?

You may access it at Archosaur West, by talking to the Guardian of the Underworld at ADC West: 528 661

Unlike the boring official version, our Icebound underworld is based on 2 modes:

  • Solo Mode
  • Squad Mode

The Solo mode can be done until your earning time runs out for that day - Unlimited access.

The Squad mode can be done 10 times per day - Limited access

Each of these Modes will reward you with Glyph Pack - Random or Glyph Pack - Choose. The difference between these packs is, that you may choose the Glyph within the Choose version, but will be rewarded randomly with a Lv.1 Glyph stone from the Random pack.

The solo mode will reward you depending on how many Bosses you manage to kill within the time period: 999s.

Requirements (Both Modes): Rebirth 2 and level 100+, Shifting Sky 1


Solo Mode

The Solo mode will be your new home. Its an unlimited grinding spot, that you can re-do over and over in order to obtain:

  • Glyph Pack - Random
  • Rune Chest - NEW - Every Boss has a chance to either drop 1 or 2 Chests 

This pack will randomly reward you with 1 out of 5 possible Glyph Stones. This mode has a time limit and Bosses will become stronger and stronger as you progress, so better be prepared! 

The mode lasts for: 999 seconds

The amount of Bosses you manage to slay (Max. 30 Bosses) within those 999 seconds will determine the amount of Underworld Coins that will spawn at the end.

Example: 15 Bosses killed until 999s ran out = 15 Underworld Coins are spawned.

Every Coin, once killed will drop by 100% a Glyph Pack - Random item.

Note: The Dungeon consumes earning time, once you've spent your daily 8 hours, you won't gain no drops.



Squad Mode

You will need a minimum of 6 members in order to start the Squad mode with the requirements above. 

Each member has to enter individually by talking to Guardian of the Underworld at ADC West: 528 661

Squad mode can be done 10 times per day and will unlike Solo mode, reward you with:

  • Glyph Pack - Choose

Another part of the Squad mode is the Underworld Journey - Quest, that you must take from the Guardian of Underworld, before entering.

It can be done: 10 times per day

  • Undeworld Journey (Quest):
    • 5x Glyph Pack Lv.3 - Allows picking the Glyph Stone you desire, instead of being randomized
    • 2x Event Gold
    • 1x Runes Box (60% For x200 Rune Fragment, 40% for 1x Rune Perfector)


The further you progress, the harder the bosses become, so bring a Squad you trust with you. At the end, the amount of rounds completed or if you complete the entire Dungeon (15 Bosses in total) will determine your reward amount

Note: The Glyph Pack - Choose is a 50/50 drop at the completion of the Icebound Underworld Squad Mode



Before we jump into their mechanics, it's important to inform you, that Icebound Underworld is based on 5 Bosses and they are same for both Modes (Solo and Squad).

However, depending on the mode, they will be different in damage dealing, tankability and health but not in mechanics.

In Icebound Underworld you will encounter the following Bosses:

  1. Hands of Destiny - Spawns Mirror of Destiny, hide inside that mirror, so exploding hands can't damage you (1 hitting their target). This Boss will also debuff you
  2. Cila, Diaster Queen - will spawn Underworld Vampires, which drain your health gradually. Recommendation: kill off the Vampires as they spawn
  3. Samael, Lord of Misfortune - Reduces your Fire resistance extremely. Decreases your attack speed drastically and also drains mana over time
  4. Living Core - Can push you back and deal extreme damaging single blows. Goes into "immunity phase" but spawns an Iron Crstyal, make sure to dig this crystal and then remove its immunity by right clicking the item
  5. Lord of Underworld - Following you constantly, aiming for the aggro holder. He has very high movement speed, so its hard to shake him off. Slows his targets and applys damage by using his superior attack speed.

They will spawn in the exact order as given by the Guide. 



Alternatives for Glyph farming

  • Flowsilver Palace - Silvery Flow (Daily Quest)
  • Undiscovered Dungeon - Expert Killer (Daily Quest)
  • Molten Mines Lv.1 - The Three Brothers (Daily Quest)
  • Molten Mines Lv.2 - The King and Queens (Daily Quest)
  • Uncharted Paradise - Lord of Paradise (Daily Quest-Chain)
  • Archosaur Invasion - Each Quest (Weekly Quest-Chain)
  • Celestial Tigers - Each Quest (Weekly Quest-Chain)
  • Faction Trials
  • Sunset Valley 
  • Endless Universe - An Unexpected Gift (Daily Quest)
  • Heavenfall Temple (Room: 81)
  • Transmutation System
  • Master Bounty Hunt (Quest) - Neverfall

These are all methods, that will provide you with Glyph Stone Packs, which will reward you usually with a Glyph Stone Lv.1

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