Update V7 - Territory War: Season 3

Update Version 7 - Territory War: Season 3



Christmas Special

  • The Christmas Arenas were disabled and you can't access them anymore, until the next year
  • Reindeer NPC was removed
  • Santa NPC will remain for another week in order to let you exchange your Event Items in peace
  • Added 2 New Christmas Weapon Fashions:
    • Christmas Magic Sword
    • Christmas Pataka
  • All World Bosses, that were involved in the Christmas Special were reverted to their original function (Drop and Respawn)
  • Winter texture was reverted back to the original form, the snow will return next year.
  • Channarong was removed


Territory War - Season 3

Territory War will be a little different this season, with the introduction of the Territory War NPC in Archosaur West. This new NPC will reward you now with various new - TW ONLY items. You may now obtain at the TW Forge:

  • Evolved Guardian Charms
  • Evolved Spirit Charms
  • New Defensive Charms
  • New Offensive Charms
  • New Mount Packs (randomized) - TW Only
  • Evolved Account Stash (Increases your storage from 16 slots to 32 slots)
  • Territorial Weapon Fashions 
  • Copper Paperweight
  • Spirit of Defense
  • Spirit of Assault

The Leader will be automatically rewarded on a weekly base (Retail) via Mailbox. The reward is handed out in form of 5x - Insert item name -. Which depending on the Land level, which be rewarded by (3), (4) or (6) times. The more lands you control, the higher the reward weekly for the Guild. We hope that you will enjoy it.

The Territory War map is now reset and empty. Good luck to all Guilds and all upcoming Guilds, this is your time to shine!



Sunset Valley - Evolved Tank Wars

Sunset Valley was completely revamped:

  • The cars were turned into actual Tanks on all 3 types and all their upgrade stages
  • You will now get rewarded by:
1st Place  x10 Sunset Valley Token
2nd Place  x9 Sunset Valley Token
3rd Place  x8  Sunset Valley Token
4th Place  x7 Sunset Valley Token
5th Place  x6  Sunset Valley Token
6th Place  x5  Sunset Valley Token
7th Place  x4 Sunset Valley Token
8th Place  x3  Sunset Valley Token
9th Place   x2  Sunset Valley Token
10-100th Place  x1  Sunset Valley Token

These Tokens can be used at the New Sunset Valley NPC in Archosaur West for various Sunset Valley ONLY rewards:

  • Mount Packs (randomized) - Sunset Valley only
  • Flights (New)
  • Evolved Safe Stone (Can extend your Safe Storage twice, from 96 slots to 112)
  • Supply Tokens (New)
  • Event Gold
  • Cubi Gold (New)

For more information about the schedule and such, check out the official Guide under: Sunset Valley Guide


Venomancer Pets (PvE)

We have added 2 new Pets:

  • Badlands Dragon               =>                   Armored Badlands Dragon


  • Caspian Tiger                   =>                       Armored Caspian Tiger


Which are supposed to be used in PvE. You will notice, that they have significantly higher Health compared to original Pets, but a lot less Damage. The Armored Dragon is specialized in Magical tankability, while the Armored Tiger is specialized in Physical Tankability. We recommend to simply obtain both!

They are available in both shops, Event Gold Shop, as well as Cubi Gold Shop


Other changes

  • Nation Wars will now have in the center Capture the Flag, instead of Towers mode. in order to endure the beginning of the Fight of Nations
  • GFX Position on Christmas Wings was adjusted
  • War Avatar Order and War Avatar Essence were given new Descriptions, for a newbie friendlier understanding of usage
  • Increased the Altitude of Sky Pirate Drake's Airship from 44 to 55, in order to prevent it from getting stuck in Mountains
  • Increase Stacks of Neo-Deity Scroll and God's Breath from 100 to 9999
  • The Sort Bag button was re-positioned in the Inventory Menu, hopefully becoming more handy
  • Cubi Icons were changed to something more fitting
  • Added 3 new quests at Unknown Merchant to exchange Neo-Deity Scroll to God's Breath x10 | x50
     x100 |
  • Removed Bubble skill from MM bosses
  • Reduced Prices in Cubi Shop for the following items:
    • Perfect Horn from 75 Silver to 15 Silver
    • Vitae Pill x10 from 1 Cubi to 10 Silver
    • Arcane Sky Pill from 1 Cubi to 20 Silver
    • Mirage Sky Pill From 2 Cubi to 20 Silver
    • Astra Sky Pill from 3 Cubi to 25 Silver
  • Nation War Price Pool was increased from 85.000 to 170.000 Overall, in order to stabilize the rewarding.
  • Christmas Backpack (Female) was fixed
  • The following Legendary Armor/Weapons used in order to obtain Legendary Titles, but were nearly impossible to obtain, were added to the Emissary NPCs:
    • Dragonflame Plate
    • Soul Devourer’s Greaves
    • Ghoul Bane
    • Aura of Buddha



You can preview all the new Mounts and Weapon fashion at the following Guides: