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Guild vs Guild: Territory War

Territory War


Territory Wars is a weekly PvP Event for factions to battle against one another for control of territories. There are a total of 52 territories, all of which are located in the Midlands. There are no territories for the other continents of Perfect World. There are 3 levels of territories - two level 1 territories, seven level 2 territories, and forty four level 3 territories. Players can view the Territory War map by pressing the M key and clicking on the "Territories" button on the bottom right of the screen. Having control of a territory comes with many benefits such as generating coin revenue, convenient teleportation, and the ability to craft exclusive Apothecary items.


Territory Wars also has seasons where factions that hold the highest amount of territories can win rewards. At the start of each season, the Territory War map will be reset and territories will no longer be occupied by factions. When factions attack unoccupied lands, they will have to fight monsters instead of players to win the territory.



When all territories are occupied by factions, the weekly Resource Wars event will be active. It will not be active after the Territory Wars map has been reset, until all territories are occupied by factions again.

In case you would like to find more information about Bidding rules, please check out the official Guide under: Territory War Guide



The reward for Territory Wars are Mirage Celestones and coins as well as the new Territory War Badge mailed to the faction leader every Friday, in the form of Territory Rew. Proofs. A Territory Rew. Proof contains 50 Mirage Celestones and a 5 Million Big Note. The amount of Territory Rew. Proofs given is determined by the amount of territories the faction owns, as well as the level of each territory owned.


For each territory owned, the faction leader receives:


Level 3 Territory: Territory Rew. Proof x3:

  • 150x Mirage Celestones
  • 15x million coins
  • 15x Territory War Ticket
  • 15x Territory War Badge (New) 

Level 2 Territory: Territory Rew. Proof x4:

  • 200x Mirage Celestones
  • 20x million coins
  • 20x Territory War Ticket
  • 20x Territory War Badge (NEW)

Level 1 Territory: Territory Rew. Proof x6:

  • 300x Mirage Celestones
  • 30x million coins
  • 30x Territory War Ticket
  • 30x Territory War Badge (NEW)

Note: The more Lands you possess, the more all items get multiplied in amounts (Weekly)


Territory War Badge

This is an Evolved PWI exclusive item, which you can use at the Territory War Agent in ADC West (529 661) to craft various items such as:

  • Evolved Guardian Charms
  • Evolved Spirit Charms
  • New Defensive Charms
  • New Offensive Charms
  • New Mount Packs (randomized) - TW Only
  • Evolved Account Stash (Increases your storage from 16 slots to 32 slots)
  • Territorial Weapon Fashions 
  • Copper Paperweight
  • Spirit of Defense
  • Spirit of Assault

You can preview all Mounts under the following Link: Mounts Preview

You can preview all Weapon fashion under the following Link: TW Weapon Fashion Preview

You can preview all Flights under the following Link: Territory War Flights Preview

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