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Event: Sunset Valley (Tank Wars)

Sunset Valley - Tank Wars


We are opening the new Sunset Valley event on as a special present for our players!

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 19:00 - 19:50 pm Server Time (lasts: 50 Minutes) the gates of Sunset Valley will swing wide for all who are qualified to enter.

Tank Wars


To participate in this epic tank battle, players must be above LV100 and in possession of Cultivation level: Aware of the Myriad or Aware of the Void.

  • Five minutes before the event starts General Tigerheart will appear in All main cities (Example: 246 649 City of the Lost). Speak to him and choose to enter: Sunset Valley (cross-server)


Let General Tigerheart know you are on your way to Sunset Valley and you will be able to choose which tank you want to enter the event with:

  • The Hammer of Stone
  • Greataxe of Flame
  • Crossbow of War


After tank selection and joining battle, players are randomly placed in the Order of Dusk or the Order of Dawn. The matching system places players from all servers randomly into one of the two teams.




1st Place    x10 Sunset Valley Token
2nd Place  x9 Sunset Valley Token
3rd Place  x8 Sunset Valley Token
4th Place  x7 Sunset Valley Token
5th Place  x6 Sunset Valley Token
6th Place  x5 Sunset Valley Token
7th Place  x4 Sunset Valley Token
8th Place  x3 Sunset Valley Token
9th Place  x2 Sunset Valley Token
10-100th Place x1 Sunset Valley Token


You can use these rewards at the Sunset Valley Tank in ADC West (529 661) for various items:

  • Mount Packs (randomized) - Sunset Valley only
  • Flights (New)
  • Evolved Safe Stone (Can extend your Safe Storage twice, from 96 slots to 112)
  • Supply Tokens (New)
  • Event Gold
  • Cubi Gold (New)



You can preview the Mounts under the following Link:

Sunset Valley Mounts Preview

You can preview the Flights under the following Link:

Sunset Valley Flights Preview

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