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Dungeon: Arigora Colosseum

Arigora Colosseum

How to access the Arena

The Arigora Colosseum, also called the PvP Arena or simply the Arena, is a PvP event. Players that are level 100 can access the Arigora Colosseum by:

  • Click the Arigora Arena Button near Mini-Map.

When is it available

The PvP format of the Arigora Colosseum is 3v3 or 6v6. Your squad members have to be all different classes. Having the same class twice in your squad won't allow you participating in the Arigora pairing system.

  • The Arigora Colosseum is available all day every day. You enter up to 5 timer per day!

All necessary Information

You won't be able to form a squad having identical classes in it. You will be paired with Squads/Players of equal Score points (Balance related pairing/Preventing exploits and abuse)

You will be ranked based on your Score and Contribution, unlike on PWI.

Arigora Shop

The Arigora Shop is filled with very powerful and unique items, that can only be obtained with Arigora Points. You will get:

  • 5 points winning in 3 vs 3 and 2 points for losing.
  • 10 Points winning in 6 vs 6 and 3 points for losing.


You can Preview the Gladiator Set and Weapon Fashion by clicking on this link:

Arigora Arena - Gladiator Fashion / Weapon Fashion (2022)

You can Preview the Avatars by clicking on this link:

Arigora Arena - Avatars (2022)

You can Preview the Flights by clicking on this link:

Arigora Arena - Flights (2022)

You can Preview the Mounts by clicking on this link:

Arigora Arena - Mounts (2022)

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