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Audacity & Agitator Pack

New Soulgems


In combination with the brand New (PvE) Rank 9 Sets, there are also 4 completely New and never seen before Soulgems available, that will match the new PvE Set perfectly:

  •  Diamond of Leviathan 

Gives: Warding +2 to Armor or Weapons

  •  Diamond of Lion

Gives: Slaying +2 to Armor or Weapons

  •  Nephrite of Steady Defense

Gives: Warding +3 to Armor or Weapons

  •  Divinity Stone

Gives: Slaying +3 to Armor or Weapons


You can obtain the new Soulgems from our two New Packs:

  • Audacity Pack - Available in Cubi Shop for 2 Cubi
  • Agitator Pack - Available in Cubi Shop for 1 Cubi and Event Boutique for 2 Cubi

You may combine Diamond of Lion to Divinity Stone at any Jewelscraftsman in all Major Cities

You may combine Diamond of Leviathan to Nephrite of Steady Defense at any Jewelscraftsman in all Major Cities

Note: These packs are based on Anniversary Pack (Agitator) and Deity Scroll (Audacity) pack with identical chances. Only difference:

  • Diamond of Tiger swapped for Diamond of Lion
  • Diamond of Dragon swapped for Diamond of Leviathan

For more information check out the original packs under PWdatabase

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